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CX Is the Battleground: Arm Agents with Visual Engagement

Marie Ruzzo.

Marie Ruzzo

May 26, 2020


In consumer’s digital-driven lives, convenience, ease, and speed reign supreme. As a result, companies no longer compete on product or price. Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for businesses.

AI has advanced CX on the front lines.

To meet customer expectations in this competitive environment, CX investments are largely going to omni-channel digital engagement and AI technologies like chatbots.

More channels to choose from and self-service interactions are helping companies deliver the experience customers expect: customers can find what they’re looking for and be on their way. This is removing a large portion of low-value customer interactions from the agent queue, freeing up agents up to focus on more complex or high-value customer interactions.

In this regard, AI has been successful. But it is not a comprehensive CX strategy.

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There’s still the agent-assisted side of CX to consider.

Because of the mostly unmet opportunity for innovation in this area, human-based interactions are much the same as they were a decade ago. Agents are often left without the resources to help them both understand the customer’s issue and guide them through a resolution.

Customer-facing teams must often help customers:

  • Adjust a membership or subscription
  • Navigate a website
  • Complete an online form
  • Provide advisory services
  • Support physical equipment and spaces
  • Provide warranty and repair support

In these interactions, customers must often endure disconnected experiences and painfully long calls. This is no way to build trust and reduce frustration.

Companies can no longer tolerate blind conversations if they want to succeed at CX.

Visual engagement, like co-browsing and camera sharing that allows the agent to see what the customer sees, is emerging as a way to solve these pain points. In fact, a recent study reveals that 89% of CX leaders plan to invest in visual engagement technology in the next year.

But organizations will need to choose their solutions wisely if they want to create a seamless and secure customer experience (CX) during agent-assisted interactions.

Best-in-class visual engagement technology will provide:

  • A frictionless join experience without cumbersome downloads
  • A secure environment for the customer to share sensitive information
  • An effortless experience aided by on-screen annotations

Rescue has your agents covered.

Rescue by LogMeIn is a trusted provider of remote support. When your customer has a technical issue with a connected device like a desktop or mobile device, Rescue is the tool agents need to solve it.

We’ve expanded our Rescue portfolio of solutions to now cover parts of your customer experience that happen on your website or with a piece of equipment, including sales, product setup, onboarding/training, and customer service/support.

Rescue Live Guide co-browsing and Rescue Live Lens camera-sharing give all customer-facing teams the ability to see what your customer sees and guide them to fast resolutions on both digital properties and physical spaces.

Check out these new solutions today to round out your battleplan.

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