Break Out the White Gloves: Video and Voice Take Co-Browsing CX to a New Level

Chris Savio.

Chris Savio

June 01, 2021


We heard you loud and clear: To deliver a more personalized customer experience (CX), two-way video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling capabilities are now available in Rescue Live Guide co-browsing software. With this update, co-browsing approaches parity with in-person customer interactions, allowing you to provide video-led guided customer service and support without jumping platforms. Here’s how it can benefit your business.

Instantly add video and voice to any co-browsing experience with Rescue Live Guide.

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The Problem: Virtual Experiences Need a Boost

In-person, in-store experiences set the bar for what high-value, personalized customer service and support looks like, and businesses have been trying to replicate that in order to keep up in an increasingly competitive virtual world. As customers become more and more accustomed to interacting with brands virtually, their expectations for better and better experiences are rising.

Enter visual engagement.

Visual engagement solutions like co-browsing allow businesses to add a visual element to otherwise blind conversations, eliminating the back-and-forth that can happen when a customer tries to describe what they are seeing on screen. It lets customer service agents offer step-by-step guidance through digital experiences and get on the same (web)page with their customer.

But there’s more that can be done in a virtual, digital environment.

The Solution: Improve CX with Video and Voice

By adding live video and voice to co-browsing experiences, businesses can tailor every engagement to create more personalized interactions. For example, say an agent is co-browsing and chatting with a customer to help them select a product on your website. Instantly add video and voice to the conversation to more easily explain details of the product or even show them the product. Say a customer service rep is guiding a customer through an online application and needs to confirm identity. Add video to let your customer show their ID on the spot.

The ability to seamlessly add and switch between chat, voice, video and co-browsing lets you offer a flexible, higher level of white-glove service to your customers. And in additional to the practical nature of it, a live video feed adds a lot of personality and intimacy to the interaction, and ultimately a richer, experience with your brand.

And this can be great for business.

The Benefits of Flexible, Personalized Conversations

Build rapport and customer connections

Face-to-face interactions are reassuring to customers, especially for sensitive financial discussions and high-value investment conversations. Put a face and voice with a name to build confidence and connection to your brand.

Increase conversions

Live video, voice and on-screen co-browsing creates the ultimate “show and sell” scenario. You can showcase your products in a personalized way and arm agents with the ability to see, read and react to your customer’s emotions during complex or considered purchases.

Drive greater clarity

Different conversations call for different levels of interaction to clear up ambiguity. Clarify any confusion by adding video support to co-browsing interactions to help mimic an in-person experience.

Differentiate your brand

Let’s be honest: online customers can be fickle. It only takes a well-timed competitive offer, a few clicks to shop around to find the best deal, or a poor support experience to quickly leave a brand. Offering CX-focused visual engagement helps your brand stand out from the pack by putting your customer first and positioning your company as easy to work with and innovative.

Check Out Rescue Live Guide

Rescue Live Guide removes the limitations on where and how you can co-browse. Collaborate with your customers on any browser, device, or digital property to support your customers no matter where they are in their customer journey and add video and voice to personalize the conversation. With a codeless deployment option, your business can get started instantly, then add code to your site later if you wish for a more integrated experience. Security features, like being able to control what customer support agents can see or do, put your customers’ minds at ease.

Learn more about flexible co-browsing with Rescue Live Guide and see how it can help you build customer trust and reduce effort.

Elevate your customer's digital support experience with Rescue Live Guide.

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