FinServ and Insurance: Replicate In-Person Experiences with Enhanced Co-browsing

Chris Savio.

Chris Savio

June 07, 2021


Customer conversations about money and insurance matters can be emotional, processes can be complex, and trust and loyalty must be earned (and maintained). For these reasons, business in financial services and insurance (FSI) is built on personal relationships.

But in today’s digital age, FSIs must find ways to replicate traditional in-person customer experiences (CX) in virtual environments to stay viable and deliver that personal connection often lost in digital transactions. Advancements in co-browsing technology make it possible.

Thanks to the recent and far-reaching adoption of virtual processes, today’s customers expect to be able to do business remotely, and that includes their banking and insurance business. While other industries have been able to adopt tools that allow them to do business online, FSIs have special requirements: they need to maintain the personal touch of face-to-face interactions, simplify complicated processes and documentation and meet data privacy and security requirements.

Some FSIs are taking a hybrid approach: replicating some aspects of their business online or over the phone, but then requiring customers to pick up paperwork in the drive thru or sending them links to various online resources to sort through on their own. Others are using a mixed bag of self-guided online tools that still don’t add up to the full in-person experience. But there is actually a way to make your digital property as valuable as your brick-and-mortar.

Replicate in-person customer experiences with Rescue Live Guide co-browsing software.

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Live Guide allows you to provide white-glove customer service and support virtually, which can benefit your business across the customer journey.

Start by co-browsing on any digital property.

Say a customer calls your business or starts a chat, just like they would walk into your branch. The agent can start a co-browsing session to walk the customer through any website or digital document, similarly to how the agent might turn the computer around to the customer in an office to view the screen together. You can view products on your website, open competitor sites to compare rates, or go through a PDF form just like you would in person, shoulder to shoulder.

Further personalize the conversation with video and voice.

Some conversations require an extra level of personalization to build rapport and manage sensitive situations. Simply add one-way or two-way video and voice to put a face with a name, talk through questions in real-time, or verify identification. All the while, you’re still looking at the same digital property together, just like papers on a desk between you.

Stay secure throughout sensitive conversations.

There are many co-browsing solutions out there, and even screen-sharing and online meeting tools that may seem like a good idea, but they often lack the security protocols FSIs need to conduct business. This is where Live Guide shines:

  • Connects to an isolated browser in the cloud, not to the end user’s device.
  • Masks all sensitive data from the agent’s view on any domain.
  • Restricts agents from clicking on particular links or buttons (e.g., Accept, Buy Now, Submit, Cancel) on behalf of the customer.
  • Clearly displays names, roles or titles on cursors, so you know who’s driving what.

Benefits across the customer journey:

Acquisitions: Let customers open an account anywhere.

People have been forced to get more comfortable engaging with businesses in a digital environment over the past 18 months or so, and signals suggest they aren’t rushing back to storefronts any time soon. While some customers will gladly return to local storefronts, the key is they want the option and flexibility to choose how they do business with a company. Improve customer acquisition by walking customers through account options in a virtual environment. Co-browsing with video and voice gives you that visual element to replicate the traditional in-person experience.

Onboarding: Remove effort in complex processes.

In financial services and insurance, there is a lot of complexity of documentation, account screens and processes that can be difficult to explain to customers over the phone. Leverage co-browsing to go through complex forms, documents or web properties together and add video for more sensitive issues that require a more personal touch.

Cross-sell/upsell: Build relationships to build business.

In your branch or office, you can have conversations with customers about what accounts or services might be the next best step for them. Co-browsing with video and voice lets you have those one-on-one, highly personalized conversations wherever your customers are. You can take customers all the way through signing on the dotted line in a single conversation without jumping platforms.

In the process of having these show-and-tell conversations, you can limit future sticking points for your customers. For example, if they call to set up bill pay, you can show them how to do it online so that they can self-serve in the future. You can also show them how to complete related tasks, like update payment details, to further build rapport and trust.

So how do you make the switch and turn on these capabilities? It’s surprisingly easy. Live Guide gives you the option to deploy the solution without adding code to your website so you can get started co-browsing with customers today without waiting on web team resources for implementation. Later you can add code for the most integrated and customized experience possible. Request a demo of Live Guide to see it in action.

Elevate your customer's digital support experience with Rescue Live Guide.

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