Don’t ‘Bird Box’ Your Customer Experience: See It, Solve It with Camera Sharing

Marie Ruzzo

June 15, 2020


Sandra Bullock can do a lot of things. She can single-handedly get home from outer space. Win a pageant while working undercover.

And guide two children to safety through a supernatural post-apocalyptic world – while blindfolded – as she did in last year’s terrifying blockbuster film, Bird Box.

Lucky for us, on so, so many levels, this isn’t Bird Box. We don’t need to keep our blindfolds on. Yet all too often, support teams are flying blind when it comes to supporting remote employees and customers with issues concerning physical equipment and spaces.

Running blind on one-dimensional channels.

As more IT help desks, field services, and other support teams operate virtually, they are relying on traditional channels like phone, chat, and messaging, to interact with end-users. But alone, these are largely blind channels.

If a remote employee needs help with a router, a customer needs help installing a smart thermometer, or a facilities manager needs help with an HVAC system, your agent is not going to be able to get a live view of what’s going on.

That means agents must rely solely on the end user’s description, which can be full of ambiguity and difficult to parse. Then they must attempt to lead the end-user through troubleshooting and to resolution. All the back and forth can be exasperating and result in painfully long support calls and undo effort on the customer’s part. If the issue can’t be resolved, you’ll need to dispatch a technician or require the customer to bring in or ship the item back to you. Not the most efficient way to do business. And it goes against what most CX professionals are trying to do: reduce effort and build trust.

Rip off the blindfold with Rescue Live Lens.

When agents can see the issue for themselves, they can get to the root of the problem faster. Rescue Live Lens augments any of your existing channels, including phone, chat, and other messaging channels, with instant remote camera sharing.

If you’re on a call or chat and discover the need to get eyes on the scene, you can start streaming video from your customer’s mobile device camera instantly. There’s nothing for agents or end-users to download, so that blindfold can be ripped off immediately.

Work shoulder-to-shoulder, virtually.

In Bird Box, Bullock’s character calls the children Girl and Boy. With Live Lens, there’s no need to be so vague and distant. When you can’t be on-site with customers and remote employees, you can work alongside them in an instant as if you were in the same space together to offer more personalized service and support building customer trust along the way.

Don’t risk getting lost in the communication forest, swept up by the rapids of misunderstandings, and being kept at a distance. Get closer to your customers and remote employees with more efficient and personalized support by leveraging Rescue Live Lens.

See how Rescue Live Lens lets you be on-site in an instant. Click to request a demo.

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