Technicians Don’t Let Technicians Solve Alone: Collaboration in the Age of Remote Support

Laurie Asmus.

Laurie Asmus

March 13, 2023

Remember when IT techs could pop over the cubicle wall to ask a peer for help? In the remote work era, those days are over.

Now that technicians, like the employees they support, are working remotely, IT help desks need to find ways to keep technicians connected and collaborating. But how teams are going about it aren’t always working.

Here’s what you want to avoid:

Spinning up an online meeting invitation is one way to get an extra set of eyes on an issue, but that’s extra clicks and added complexity. It’s also not the most secure way to share a support session. Ever heard of zoombombing? The FBI has.

Another option is closing a current remote support session, escalating it to another technician, and then creating a new session. This disjointed experience prolongs resolution and creates frustration.

Cut the clunky with in-session technician collaboration

Large infographic about Technician Collaboration.  Click to open pdf.


Rescue’s technician collaboration feature simulates shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration in a virtual space. It allows technicians inside and outside of your organization to work together seamlessly, without any downloads for anyone.

The benefits?

  • First contact resolutions. Taking care of issues on the first call allows employees to get back to work sooner.
  • A better employee experience (EX). Issues aren’t passed around like hot potatoes. They’re handled on one call without disruption.
  • A sense of connection. Technicians don’t feel alone when they always have help they can pull in.
  • Technician empowerment. With additional expertise a click away, any technician can handle issues to completion.
  • On-the-job learning experiences. Technicians learn from each other while collaborating, allowing them to handle similar issues in the future.

Technician collaboration is the superpower you need today to support your work-from-anywhere organization. Download the infographic and check it out for yourself with a free trial of Rescue.

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