Mobile Device Remote Support Just Got Easier

Chris Savio

February 25, 2021


Looking for ways to simplify the end-user and technician experience by removing or improving friction points is a core tenet of our Rescue product development. We recently rolled out an update to Rescue’s mobile support which directly delivers on this tenet.

As of this latest release, any Android device running Android 6.0 or higher can be supported with the full gamut of Rescue’s mobile support features, including device remote control, without the need to download a device-specific add-on app.

We heard loud and clear that the previous support experience for using Rescue’s Advanced Remote Control capabilities, which required end-users to download two applications, was less than ideal due to end-user confusion and slower handle times. That’s why as soon as a recent Android API update occurred, we jumped on the development of a new support workflow experience.

Not only does this update streamline the experience, but it also expands the breadth of devices that can capitalize on our industry-leading mobile support capabilities. With this update, over 94% of Android devices and nearly 70% of all mobile devices can now be supported by Rescue’s Advanced Remote Control functionality.

So what does LogMeIn Rescue’s mobile support functionality entail?

Aside from snappy remote control, our innovative Click2Fix interface gives technicians a “single pane” view into the device with the ability to quickly identify and address common issues such as managing connections, reviewing and stopping apps, or pushing email settings. For technicians who want to dig further into the device, our system info section gives greater details on the process, services, and applications, along with system logs. And finally, the file manager section gives technicians the ability to easily transfer files between the device and their computer.

LogMeIn Rescue

By combining this update with our best-of-breed iOS, Windows, and Mac remote support capabilities, and interactive video support, organizations can continue to provide exceptional service, quickly and easily, to customers no matter the device they’re using. For more information on specific devices Rescue supports, view our system requirements support page.

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