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Kapsch TrafficCom creates cutting-edge solutions for sustainable mobility, developing smart traffic systems in over 50 countries. For the Vienna-based company, efficient transport for road users is just as important as protecting the planet. In total, around 4,000 employees work for Kapsch TrafficCom across more than 25 locations.

Since the pandemic, our teams have been working even more flexibly. People have really embraced the opportunity to work from home. Rescue is a powerful tool here for establishing secure connections and solving problems quickly.

Andreas Mittheiss, Field Support Engineer

The geographically scattered support team, consisting of 40 IT specialists, is responsible for overseeing all hardware and software needs for the 4,000 strong workforce. Users work flexibly and can access support both in the office and at motorway toll sites. Recent years have seen a huge rise in opportunities to work from home. Users need to be able to receive secure and fast assistance to help protect business confidentiality and ensure they can get back to work quickly. “Previously, remote support services were provided by our former IT partner. Since we split from them, we’ve been on the hunt for a suitable remote support solution,” explains Gerhard Bischof, Head of Corporate IT EMENA.


When technical assistance is required, this is typically handled via a support ticket, or, in rare cases, over the phone. Several resolution methods are available depending on the severity of the issue. In most cases, the employee seeking help is provided with a meeting link to book a time convenient to them. Since protecting the environment is a priority, online appointments are preferred. Using LogMeIn Rescue by GoTo, IT specialists from the support team can simply connect to the PC used by the employee in need of support, and access system information where necessary. This approach often involves a restart with automatic connection recovery. All the end-user needs to do is run the client made available on the internal support page. This flexibility means it doesn’t matter where either the support specialists or end-users are located. “We have been familiar with Rescue and the GoTo team for many years through our former IT partner. As we only had positive experiences with them, it was an easy decision to purchase Rescue licences directly,” says Gerard Bischof.


Using its own licences, the support team is even better placed to take advantage of the functions available. In particular, this includes the granular permission controls in the support section, allowing specialists to use only the functions relevant to their specific duties. The extensive reporting and audit options offer informative insights into how the product is used. Currently, Rescue is only in use with Windows PCs, with a total of 40,000 support sessions taking place each year. There are also forthcoming plans for the system to be extended to mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. This is planned alongside increased utilisation of the remote camera support function on smartphones, whereby a camera image can be sent securely to a support specialist. This is particularly beneficial, for instance, when setting up a home-office router. Ticketing system integration is also on the cards.

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