See how ASM uses full Rescue functionality to deliver rapid-response business systems support to its hybrid workforce.


Since inception in 1992, the ASM Group has become leading experts in their sector and partner with the world’s largest and most successful Resellers and Systems Integrators. Close relationships with leading IT vendors enable it to offer excellent value and rapid delivery to its clients.

Rescue gives our people direct, dynamic access to IT support. For the Business Systems team, it offers so much functionality that makes our lives easier and enables us to consistently deliver exceptional service levels to staff.

Dave Cowley Infrastructure Manager, ASM

The Business Systems team at ASM provides support for the software and hardware used by the company’s entire workforce, in offices across the UK and Europe. The company has built an excellent relationship with GoTo as one of its Platinum Partners, and uses the company’s Rescue remote support tool to deliver its IT helpdesk services.

When the pandemic forced everyone to switch to remote working, ASM was faced with the challenge of equipping its entire workforce to work from home.

Dave Cowley, Infrastructure Manager at ASM, says: “We deployed laptops for everyone, all of which needed to be configured with the right software and have our ERP platform installed, so that people could be operational from home as quickly as possible.”


Rescue by GoTo proved its value as a remote support tool when ASM switched to remote working. The team installed the Rescue calling card applet on all of the laptops shipped out to employees. The calling card appears as an ASM-branded icon on the users’ desktop and gives users direct access to the IT helpdesk.

Dave explains: “We spent two days on Rescue remote support sessions helping our whole workforce set up their laptops for remote working. We simply made the connection via the Rescue calling card and with one click we were connected to their laptop and could run through the entire set-up process.”

Following the return to the office, the company adopted hybrid working. Rescue is now the all-in-one tool that enables the team to provide the same high levels of support for everyone, no matter where they’re located.


For ASM staff, Rescue offers fast access to remote support. The calling card makes IT support easy to access for people with any level of IT literacy. For the helpdesk team, Rescue offers multiple ways to connect remotely with users and their devices, facilitating very fast and responsive support services.

Dave says: “We pride ourselves on our speed of response. Using Rescue means our staff never have to wait long to get their IT issues fixed, so they can get back to work without delay. Rescue is also extremely reliable. I’ve never known the system to go down. We trust that it’s always there for us.”

The helpdesk team makes full use of the wide array of features available with Rescue. These include remote rebooting, unattended access, which makes it possible to update and monitor devices without a user being present, and file transfers which make moving large documents between devices quick and simple.

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