See how Rescue helped Littlefish drive rapid growth and customer service excellence


Littlefish is an award-winning Managed Services Provider, offering comprehensive 24/7 multi-lingual IT support for organisations across the UK. Its rapid growth is built on a dedication to consistent service excellence in IT support.

The combination of Rescue products facilitates us to be able to support the full range of IT issues. Rescue has helped us to develop the exceptional customer experience we’ve become known for – supporting our rapid growth as a disruptive MSP in the marketplace.

Alec Hughes, Head of Service Desk, Littlefish

As a managed services provider, the success of Littlefish depends on how well and how quickly it can resolve customer IT issues.

Alec Hughes, Head of Service Desk at Littlefish, says: “We provide remote support for users anywhere in the UK, and overseas. The skills of our support agents are the main factor in our success, but their ability to deliver a reliable and professional service also relies on the remote support platform we use to connect to customers.”


Littlefish chose Rescue from GoTo as the best remote support platform to support its growth. Rescue provides a single consolidated tool for all remote IT support, access and control.

Alec says: “Rescue enables our agents to provide that hands-and-feet deskside experience that users would get from an on-site IT technician. At Littlefish, we disrupt the standard IT support model by employing skilled second-line agents to deliver first-line triage services. It means that – unlike our competitors – we don’t have to pass users from first-line to second-line agents, which improves our first-contact resolution rates. Rescue is absolutely central to this, enabling us to switch seamlessly from text-based first-line support to live remote support on the same platform.”

Littlefish uses the Rescue calling card, which gives users one-click access to a support agent within ten seconds. The calling card appears as a Littlefish or customer-branded applet on the users’ desktop. Calling cards are assigned to dedicated channels for each customer, connecting users directly to the relevant support team at Littlefish.

Littlefish also uses Rescue Mobile to provide support on smartphones and mobile devices, and the Live Lens camera-sharing tool to help fix devices where remote access is not possible, such as printers, monitors, routers and cabling.


Littlefish has grown significantly in recent years, winning many awards for customer service. It now employs 250 support agents who host around 30,000 Rescue sessions per month. Agents achieve first-contact resolution on 80% of sessions. The company surpasses its competitors for response and resolution times – and Rescue is a big part of that.

Ease of use for both agents and customers is a key benefit of Rescue for Littlefish. The company also values the post-chat surveys, which collect instant feedback from customers. Positive feedback is sent directly to agents, providing an immediate reward for a job well done.

Alec adds: “As an MSP, we value the many APIs provided with Rescue that enable it to integrate with other tools, such as our ticketing system. It also delivers all the metrics we need, so we can provide useful reports to customers on remote support usage and the issues users are experiencing.”

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