See how Rescue helped Inspiro meet customer expectations and service level agreements.

See how Rescue helped Inspiro meet customer expectations and service level

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Based in the Philippines, Inspiro offers business process outsourcing and offshore call center operations to businesses of all sizes. The company boasts a network of 32,000 customer champions across 51 strategic locations. It delivers multilingual, end-to-end, value-driven customer experience solutions for the world’s leading brands, enabling its clients to optimise processes, exceed metrics, and surpass overall customer satisfaction.

I have numerous friends and colleagues who work at other BPOs, and when they ask me what we’re using, I always tell them about Rescue. I highly recommend Rescue — I can vouch for its performance. In a word, Rescue is excellent.

Elvin Elum IT Global/LOB Service Desk Senior Manager at Inspiro

Business customers turn to Inspiro to help them quickly get back to work. “Customers come to us when they need to troubleshoot their technology issues,” said Elvin Elum, IT Global/LOB Service Desk Senior Manager at Inspiro. “Businesses are growing and our customers are upgrading their technologies, and many of them have employees who are working remotely, at home, or across multiple sites.”

He continued, “We aren’t like many BPOs that work with only one type of business; we work with customers across industries, from banking to online retail. So the infrastructures we’re serving are more diverse as there aren’t standardised technologies from one vertical to another. We have to be able to work with whatever technologies our customers use.”

The company’s agents — and its customers — were frustrated with Inspiro’s previous remote support solution. Real-time insights weren’t available, and connection problems could further annoy already-upset customers. “We couldn’t monitor workstations in real-time. We couldn’t see if a certain workstation had an error, or if ten workstations were affected,” said Elum. “We’re the first line of support for our customers — they come to us to resolve their operational issues as quickly as possible. They’re already frustrated that something isn’t working, so imagine how irritated they could get as you spent 20 minutes just connecting to their workstation!”

“That’s the main reason we searched for new technology — so we could see all the endpoints, from the workstation side down to the data center and improve the customer experience with fast, hasslefree remote connections,” he said.


Inspiro reviewed potential solutions and ultimately chose Rescue, built by GoTo, appreciating its ease of use and speedy installation. “Rescue could be deployed faster than other solutions, and it’s easy to use. We have a lot of new engineers, and they’re able to understand and start using Rescue immediately. It’s a user-friendly application, and it’s easy to add additional users,” Elum shared.

The company also appreciated GoTo’s customer support. “We wanted a solution with strong support, a partner willing to build a relationship with our customers and us. GoTo’s support was a strong selling point for us; it is always available, and support specialists are extremely responsive,” he said.

Rescue’s ease of use helped the company quickly pivot during the pandemic, so it was able to continue meeting its customers’ changing needs. “The pandemic meant that businesses were sending agents home — so supporting them via remote sessions was the only option. Rescue made it easy for us to continue providing service — you don’t need any complex technology to access users regardless of where they are,” he said. “Rescue is simple to use; if a user lets us know their application isn’t working, we can check to see if they’re connected to the internet, check their login, etc. And Rescue passes our security requirements with no issues or concerns.”


A Rescue customer since 2019, Inspiro says Rescue was integral to its ability to survive the pandemic. “We were one of the few BPOs in the Philippines that didn’t close — in fact, we actually expanded and hired more agents. We’re now in the process of looking at adding more licences as we’re regularly using all the licenses we purchased,” said Elum. “Rescue just works, quickly. Our engineers and users are able to get started using it with nothing more than a simple orientation - no extensive training is needed. It’s truly plug-and-play. Our engineers are happy with it.”

Using Rescue has helped Inspiro meet customer expectations and service level agreements (SLAs). “When it comes to our SLAs, we’re hitting 100% almost all the time. We don’t run into disconnection or slowness issues, which has helped us achieve our SLAs. And Rescue lets us track employee response time and performance, helping us boost productivity,” he said.

Inspiro’s employees are also satisfied with Rescue. “Employee satisfaction has increased, particularly for the engineers that are helping customers troubleshoot issues. In the past, if the engineer had trouble connecting to resolve the issue, emails would start flying and we’d have to escalate issues to another tier of support. Now, with no connection issues, engineers are happy and more productive,” said Elum.

Inspiro’s experience with Rescue has been so overwhelmingly positive that Elum regularly recommends it to his colleagues. “The Philippines are the world’s biggest BPO hub — there are a lot of big call centers. I have numerous friends and colleagues who work at other BPOs, and when they ask me what we’re using, I always tell them about Rescue. I highly recommend Rescue - I can vouch for its performance. In a word, Rescue is excellent,” Elum concluded.

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