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LogMeIn Rescue vs. TeamViewer

Experience unmatched, enterprise-grade remote support with Rescue for a faster and more secure TeamViewer alternative.

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Rescue bests TeamViewer in 4 critical areas

1. Speed & productivity 2. Support experience 3. Team management 4. Security & privacy

See how Rescue helps enterprises win with secure remote IT support.

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Speed & Productivity Redefined

When it comes to speed and efficiency, Rescue outperforms TeamViewer.

  • Rescue ensures you can connect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues faster than ever before:

    • 2x faster connections than TeamViewer across all internet speeds.
    • 3.2x faster file transfers, using only a quarter of the RAM needed by competitors.
    • Optimized screen sharing, consuming over 3x less memory for both technicians and end users.
    • When managing multiple sessions, 6x less memory for technicians compared to TeamViewer.

  • With Rescue, technicians can view system details and session history without needing to connect remotely – helping speed up live support sessions.
  • Rescue seamlessly integrates with other popular tools at no extra cost, enhancing your current workflows without additional expenses.
Rescue AI chat and screen translation.

Enhanced Support Experiences

Rescue delivers a seamless end-user experience that customers love.

  • Rescue offers over 10+ connection methods, ensuring a frictionless end-user experience that can be precisely adapted to your needs.
  • With Rescue, connecting via link requires half the clicks compared to TeamViewer, reducing the time and effort required for your customers to connect.
  • Rescue provides broader support for older operating systems compared to TeamViewer, using 3x less of end user’s RAM to ensure you can assist your customer’s device, no matter how old it is.
  • Slow internet? Connections in Rescue are 2x faster than TeamViewer for customers using 3G internet.
  • Once connected, AI chat and screen translation features bridge language barriers, making communication effortless.
View all your administrator reports in one place, with the ability to filter by report type.

Team Training & Strategic Management

Rescue empowers managers with tools that TeamViewer does not have to improve team performance.

  • Empower your support team and learn from the pros with seamless session transfers and agent invitations - including non-licensed agents - to join existing sessions.
  • Focus on improvement opportunities by leveraging comprehensive performance monitoring with real-time metrics and 18 out-of-the-box reports.
  • Hear directly from customers with customizable customer surveys to easily track CSAT and other valuable feedback.
Use technician and admin permissions to customize the level of access you want users to have with Rescue's 40+ access controls.

Robust Security & Privacy Measures

Safeguard your data with Rescue's unmatched security features.

  • Set up non-reusable PIN codes and company ID validation to prevent fraudulent access.
  • Utilize 40+ access controls with technician and admin event logs to prevent and remediate insider threats.
  • Get unattended access for unlimited devices with authenticated device admin credentials - not remote access credentials - providing a secure environment for all remote sessions.
  • Customize data storage options and conditions to fit your compliance needs.
  • Set up SSO and Microsoft Entra ID sync at no extra charge.

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Unless otherwise noted, all quotations and data are from the Qualitest competitive analysis report, “GoTo Rescue Competitive Analysis Report V05 June 2024,” June 20, 2024.