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5 Reasons to Terminate TeamViewer

Your remote support solution should work for you. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to terminate your TeamViewer relationship.

Nickel & Dimes

TeamViewer customers complain about hidden costs and extra expenses for upgrades, integrations and more.

Risky Business

A simple Google search reveals that TeamViewer has been a frequent target for malicious acts.


TeamViewer performance over the last 15 months reveals 19 episodes of unavailability and unplanned interruptions.

Limits Your Business

TeamViewer limits certain features to specific product versions or the number of devices.

Not Customer Centric

Customers complain of poor customer support and lack of responsiveness.

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Pricing: Simple

TeamViewer requires you to build your solution with add-ons that add up.

Rescue’s simple and flat subscription pricing has no hidden fees or extra costs. Because the pricing stays consistent, you always know what you’re paying.

Security: Above & Beyond

TeamViewer’s public record speaks for itself – numerous data breaches and vulnerabilities put enterprises at risk.

Rescue goes beyond TeamViewer with safeguards to protect your business from cyberthreats and bad actors along with industry-leading banking-grade data transfer.

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Features: All in

In a side-by-side comparison, TeamViewer and Rescue offer similar feature sets. But look under the hood and you’ll soon realize TeamViewer limits certain features to specific product versions or number of devices.

As an example, Rescue provides SSO capabilities to all customers, while TeamViewer only offers SSO to Tensor customers, forcing you to upgrade to secure your business.


Reliability: All 9s

Holding a 99.99% uptime, Rescue proves yet again to be a more stable platform than TeamViewer. Over the past 15 months, TeamViewer had 19 unplanned service interruptions, more than double that of Rescue.

Businesses should question whether TeamViewer is the right choice for their hybrid models of the future.


Customer Service: Trusted by Businesses

TeamViewer customers complain of poor customer support and lack of responsiveness.

In comparison, Rescue Enterprise accounts are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager and receive tailored onboard programming and VIP Support. All customers benefit from free live and on-demand training with access to Product Management.

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Source: Zibis Group Inc., Key Considerations and Differentiators When Evaluating a Remote Support Solution, 2021.

Get the remote support you need.

Choosing the right remote support solution starts with knowing the facts.

TeamViewer doesn’t add up to value for your business. With Rescue, you get an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, cloud-based software solution that brings enterprise-grade levels of security and reliability without the overhead of traditional enterprise software.

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