Key Performance Requirements for Remote Support Tools [Infographic]

Verena Jacob.

Verena Jacob

March 27, 2018


"A bad workman always blames his tools.” As wise as that sounds, things aren’t so simple. The right tool can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to remote support.

It should go without saying – the support tools your IT teams use matter.  They matter for employee efficiency and they matter for user experience.  A clunky antiquated solution will hinder even the most knowledgeable, efficient worker. And when you have a frustrated user on the other end of the line, the last thing you want is to make the situation more difficult. Tech support can be stressful enough – your tools should help you, not make the situation worse.

So the questions remain:  What makes one support solution better than another? What metrics or factors should you consider? What will contribute to a successful resolution, every time?

Check out the infographic below.  Based on data from independent software testing company Qualitest, we’ve pulled together a good summary of key requirements for remote support:


Full page infographic

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