An Inside Look: How Successful Companies Are Leveraging Remote Support

Katie Steward.

Katie Steward

October 06, 2022


How often do you get to peer inside another company’s support operations and see what makes them successful? How are they leveraging remote technology to delight their end users and drive productivity for their teams? At the TSIA World Conference this year, we’re sharing the scoop from conversations with our customers who are really putting their remote support solution to the test. Here are some highlights (but no spoilers!).

How remote can remote support be?

Today’s support teams need to be able to support their end users from anywhere, as technicians are increasingly working remotely. According to IDG research, nearly two-thirds (64%) of customer care agents/technicians, on average, have remote or hybrid work situations today. And on average, 57% of customer tech support requests are handled remotely today, up from 35% prior to the pandemic.

Support agents are now working from home, at satellite offices, and even at sea – which may be the most remote place they could be! That’s where one of our customers is providing support to their organization, and we have insights to share about how they’re making it work.

Expect to learn:

  • How to ensure that employees are always supported, no matter what
  • Ways to manage a remote support team and successfully work together when you are no longer in the same room
  • Ideas on how you can successfully support your remote workforce, even if in less extreme locations

What’s the best way to support non-tech-savvy customers?

As more support teams operate virtually, relying on traditional channels like phone, chat, and messaging to interact with customers and employees is a liability. These channels leave agents largely blind as to what’s really going on – and it puts the end user in the hot seat to accurately describe the situation.

As we all know, a lot can be lost in translation when a non-tech-savvy end user tries to describe a technical problem. Then the agent must attempt to lead the end user through troubleshooting and resolution. The back and forth can be exasperating.

We’ll share how one customer is leveraging instant remote camera sharing to rip off the blindfold and support customers with eyes on the scene.

Expect to learn:

  • Key technologies support teams need to fully support field techs in industries like manufacturing
  • How to slash average handle times by seeing issues to solve them and reduce truck rolls, which can cost as much as $1,000 a pop
  • Ideas on how to stay competitive by improving customer experiences by augmenting your current technology

How can you build a remote support empire?

Okay well here’s a spoiler for you: You build a remote support empire by starting small and adding capabilities over time. That’s what one of our customers has accomplished, and now their name is pretty much synonymous with easy, accessible support.

We’ll save all the juicy details for our speaking session, but if you take it step by step as your pain points and use cases evolve – and your remote support solution has what it takes to evolve with you – then you can accomplish great things.

Expect to learn:

  • How one company built a support empire by expanding remote support capabilities over time
  • Ways to add specific capabilities based on your evolving pain points and use cases
  • The many aspects of Rescue that this customer leveraged

We're spilling the tea at TSIA World.

Join 900+ companies from 60+ countries at this year’s TSIA event, October 17-19, 2022 in Las Vegas. We’ll be there ready to share our insights – and SWAG – so stop by booth #516/518.

And join our speaking session, From the Front Lines: How Real Companies Use Remote Support, where Zack Watts, Enterprise Customer Success Manager for GoTo’s Remote Solutions and Christopher Savio, Director of Product Marketing for GoTo’s Remote Solutions, spill the tea about our customers’ remote support journeys.

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