Meineke Car Care Centers

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Rescue delivered major IT support improvements for Meineke in virtually every way.

LogMeIn Rescue has become an invaluable tool in our support operations. We include a support button directly in our POS system, so shops can directly connect and have issues resolved quickly.

Matt Langley, Technical Support Specialist, Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc. is a franchised automotive service business with approximately 1,000 retail stores across the US, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, China and Saudi Arabia. Its Charlotte-based centralized IT team delivers support to all of these shops, as well as about 150 corporate employees. The IT support staff previously relied on the phone, but this proved insufficient for the company’s needs.

  • Due to the complexity of the technical issues, a typical phone session lasted around 40 minutes. Meineke realized that remote support was necessary to improve efficiency and resolution times. The remote solution needed to be easy to use and quick to deploy.

Meineke’s IT support team tested a number of remote support solutions, but none of them proved satisfactory. Then the company heard about LogMeIn Rescue. A free two-week trial demonstrated that Rescue met all of Meineke’s remote support requirements. Just five seats of Rescue met all of the company’s support requirements, while saving money. In particular, the company made great use of Rescue’s remote system control and support transfer capabilities, both of which cut down on average resolution times.


Rescue delivered major IT support improvements for Meineke in virtually every way.

  • Support incident times were cut in half, reduced to 20 minutes or less. With up to 250 weekly support requests, this saves Meineke about 33 hours per week. By reducing phone time, Meineke’s phone bill savings more than made up for the cost of its Rescue seats. The Meineke IT team now responds to and resolves 90 percent of incidents per week, up from 60 to 70 percent.