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Resolve issues faster with remote help desk software.

Help desk software that allows remote access to a user’s computer or mobile device can dramatically improve customer support while also significantly reducing costs.

With remote desktop software, help desk employees can take control of a user’s desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet to see and diagnose problems for themselves. Remote help desk software lets technicians quickly and easily run diagnostics, look at settings, change configurations, download files and drivers, and walk users through features of their device or show them how to use a certain application.

The benefits of help desk software with remote computer access are remarkable. Call handle times decrease because agents can find and fix issues much faster. Customer satisfaction shoots way up as more issues are resolved on the first call, and because users can hand control over to a technician who can provide remote computer support without needing to involve the user. And productivity gets a boost, too, as technicians can manage more service requests per day.

Help desk tools from LogMeIn

When choosing help desk software that can establish a remote connection to user devices, more companies today are turning to LogMeIn Rescue. This SaaS-based remote desktop solution is easy to use for both technicians and users, with an intuitive interface and fast speeds that allow a connection to be established in as little as 20 seconds.

With LogMeIn Rescue help desk software, your agents can connect to users anywhere in the world. Multi-platform support enables connection to PC and Mac devices, while LogMeIn’s mobile device support simplifies support for iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices. Security is strong – customers must get permission for technicians to access any function, and remote sessions employ TLS 1.1 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption.

Help desk software from LogMeIn is ideal for help desk organizations of any size – from one-person IT shops to corporate call centers with thousands of employees. With everything your technicians need to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, Rescue makes help desk support faster, easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Rescue Lens: an innovative help desk app

One of the most powerful features of LogMeIn’s help desk software is Rescue Lens. This innovative tool combines interactive video and whiteboard technology, using the camera on a user’s mobile device to send real-time video to a service technician so they can see exactly what the customer sees. Technicians can use whiteboard tools to draw and annotate on the screen, helping to make instructions and information clearer and more helpful. With Rescue Lens, LogMeIn’s help desk software can be used to provide support for virtually any product, anywhere.

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