Bomgar vs. LogMeIn Rescue

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In a third-party comparison of LogMeIn Rescue and Bomgar remote support software by QualiTest, Rescue provides tangible benefits that Bomgar just can’t match.

“Bomgar does not have the technical acumen of Rescue.”

1. Faster connections and data transfers save valuable agent time.

LogMeIn Rescue connects 28 percent faster than Bomgar. Your agents start support sessions sooner – and find solutions sooner, too. Rescue exchanges files and programs – software installers, log files and sample data sets – up to 57 percent faster than Bomgar.

Bombgar vs LogMeIn Rescue Connection Speed

2. More intuitive interface shortens training, streamlines support.

The technician and administrative interfaces of LogMeIn Rescue are more user-friendly and intuitive than Bomgar. New hires learn faster and become productive sooner. Agents can quickly access the information they need to resolve problems in less time – a proven recipe for productivity and customer satisfaction

3. Timely, accurate information makes managers more effective.

Rescue’s built-in reports help your managers monitor performance metrics, such as agent and team efficiency and customer satisfaction, which is difficult or impossible with Bomgar.

Customers are more satisfied with LogMeIn Rescue as the best Bomgar alternative.

When you choose LogMeIn Rescue instead of Bomgar, new hires get up to speed faster, agents work more efficiently and managers are more effective – adding up to greater customer satisfaction.

“[Bomgar] came off as a cut-rate, rush-job version of Rescue.”