Step 1 Software is a world-class, modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system serving today’s SMB distributors. From consultative services to business intelligence, Step 1 Software ensures the front-line supplier businesses they serve operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.

By having LogMeIn Central and Rescue within our IT toolkit, we’re able to enhance security, boost productivity, improve our customer satisfaction and ultimately ensure we resolve issues as quickly as possible so our customers are able to maintain their day-to-day operations.

Gerald Human, Vice President, Step 1 Software

Step 1 Software serves a lot of small businesses who do not have extensive resources and therefore rely on Step 1 Software to recommend how to best tackle business challenges. Back in the day, Step 1 Software was product-agnostic, and they gave their customers the choice of using whatever remote-control solution they preferred. With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and continuing to be on the rise, Step 1 Software needed to find a solution that offered a more secure and reliable connection method that they could implement for their customers. In addition to a secure way to manage their customers’ endpoint infrastructure, Step 1 Software also needed a seamless way to troubleshoot issues on devices outside their environment and go beyond computers/servers to also support mobile devices.


Before LogMeIn Central and Rescue, a lot of their clients relied on Windows Remote Desktop, but it fell short on security standards, so Step 1 Software needed a holistic IT Support model that was more secure, reliable and user-friendly to better serve all their customers.

Step 1 Software implemented LogMeIn Central first to provide proactive IT support to their customers’ computers and servers. Then, Step 1 Software added LogMeIn Rescue to troubleshoot devices outside of their day-to-day environment and to support iOS and Android mobile devices. “Having a holistic, proactive and reactive IT support model is absolutely critical to ensuring our customers get the fastest, highest quality support available to continue operating at maximum capacity,” says Gerald Human.

Step 1 Software implemented LogMeIn Central to deploy host software across their customers’ servers and computers for secure remote access without end user interruption. Step 1 Software also uses LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender, patch management, and asset management. “With LogMeIn Central, pushing out Windows Updates is so much easier to manage. I simply click the button to run the updates and I’m done, it’s that simple. I also rely on LogMeIn Central software inventory reporting functionality to easily see which customers are still running on older operating systems that aren’t supported anymore and get them to upgrade. Having that single pane of glass view and such powerful yet intuitive security features is critical to serving our customers,” says Human.

Adding LogMeIn Rescue to Step 1 Software’s IT toolkit has enabled the company to provide instant remote support in real-time to any computer or mobile device. “With LogMeIn Rescue, we’re able to provide ad hoc support to any user within seconds without any IT knowledge needed. Being able to start a session in less than 20 seconds has allowed us to troubleshoot and resolve issues on computers and mobile devices directly with our customers in real-time. We also rely on the laser pointer in Rescue to facilitate with presentations and easily point out what we’re referencing for our customers during the session. It’s a small but extremely helpful feature,” says Gerald Human.


Implementing LogMeIn Central and Rescue as proactive and reactive IT support solutions has benefited Step 1 Software tremendously. “Not having both Central and Rescue would be extremely costly for us,” says Human. When Step 1 Software runs into situations where they’re not allowed to remotely access a system due to a specific customer’s security standards, the troubleshooting time is 5 to 6 times longer than if they’d be able to remote into the machine and see exactly what’s going on. “Not only would troubleshooting time increase 5-fold, but we’d need 4 to 5 times the staff to do what we do without both Central and Rescue,” says Gerald Human.

Another key benefit is customer satisfaction. “Having both Central and Rescue means we’re able to save so much staff labor and customer frustration”, says Human. The tools complement each other extremely well, and these products have distinct use cases: Central allows Step 1 Software to access computers and servers in the background without end-user interruption, and Rescue is the troubleshooting tool that allows Step 1 Software to access any computer or mobile device even if it’s outside their endpoint infrastructure. “Both Central and Rescue are absolutely critical to our IT operations, and there are simply no better tools out there,” says Gerald Human.

  • Instant issue resolution
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Time and Cost Savings