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CIO Talk Network Webinar: Enabling Frictionless Remote Work for Employee Productivity and Business Growth

Most organizations are still evolving their response to the global shift to remote work by rethinking IT infrastructure, business operations, employee performance metrics, and more. Through all this change, such organizations, now more than ever, need to provide support to ensure a seamless employee experience to deliver the desired employee productivity and business growth.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion featuring top industry CIO leaders, who will compare and contrast their experiences delivering on the remote work promise and answer pressing questions.

Watch this webinar to learn
  • Is the in-office experience a good benchmark for remote work? Can we do better?
  • How to build your organization's remote work playbook for selecting, right-sizing, and optimizing technology infrastructure and tools, business processes, and culture?
  • How to properly onboard and provide technical support for a remote workforce? Are we removing barriers or adding them?


  • Jeremy Rafuse, Head of Global IT, LogMeIn
  • Jason Joseph, CIO, Spectrum Health
  • Ram Nagappan, CIO, BNY Mellon | Pershing
  • Kevin Boyd, CIO, University of Chicago
  • Sanjog Aul, Founder, CTN (Moderator)