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IT Service Providers

For IT service providers, differentiation of services continues to be the strategic necessity, particularly as mobility and competition continue to breed change. Faced with a variety of challenges, including the expanding mobility of client workforces, increasingly complex support environments, and the commoditization of standard support services, IT service providers need a silver bullet. Leading companies have turned to LogMeIn Rescue to help deliver services to their clients, help them run more efficient call centers, provide highly differentiated offerings and realize higher margins.

PC Paramedics

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ABS Associates Inc.

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Meet today’s top IT challenges head-on with LogMeIn Rescue:

  • Architect a more efficient support model by associating technician groups with specific clients and offering tiered services, including VIP or mobile support
  • Quickly and securely support on and off-LAN computers and mobile devices, including Android and Apple iOS
  • Track and measure key support metrics, including Net Promoter™ score and average handle time (AHT), to deliver on SLAs while reducing calls and increasing margins

Legacy Remote Control Tools: Not Built for Today's Helpdesk

"Whatever the cause, if an agent isn't able to connect to the client application, they're not able to provide customer support. It's clear and simple: We need to solve these connection problems fast. LogMeIn Rescue lets us do that, and has become the main gateway for our support. With Rescue we're saving time and money."

- Arise Virtual Solutions