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Datasheets | Remote Support

Buyer's Guide: Guide to Selecting the Right Remote Support Tool

This Buyer’s Guide describes what to look for to select the right remote support tool for your organization.

Datasheets | Remote Support

Drive Customer Experience & Boost Revenues with Next-Gen Customer Support

Learn how strong customer support can help enhance customer experience and drive customer engagement.

Videos | Interactive Video

Endsleigh Insurance: Driving Claims Innovation

Using Rescue Lens, Endsleigh is able to settle certain claims at initial point of contact.

Analyst Reports | IoT

HDI - Supporting the Internet of Things

By 2020, somewhere between 25 and 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet - how will you support them all?

Webinars | Interactive Video

How Companies Use Interactive Video for Best-In-Class Support

See how customers are leveraging interactive video support with Rescue Lens.

Datasheets | Interactive Video

How to Enable Rescue Lens

A short how-to guide to help set up Rescue Lens

Analyst Reports | Mobility

IDC - Mobility in the Field Services Industry

Utilities are getting squeezed on both the top and the bottom lines as the industry is undergoing more and more disruptions.

Analyst Reports | Interactive Video

IDC Link - LogMeIn Rescue Lens: Let the Camera Do the Talking

See what IDC has to say about the recent launch of LogMeIn Rescue Lens

Analyst Reports | Mobility

IDC Targeted Field Service Market Review - Healthcare

The Value of Connected Services in the Healthcare Sector

Analyst Reports | Mobility

IDC Targeted Field Service Market Review - Manufacturing

The Value of Connected Services in the Manufacturing Sector

Analyst Reports | Remote Support

IDG Whitepaper: A Shift to Remote IT Services Alleviates Support and Help Desk Headaches

Implementing remote IT support services can bring relief while also improving end user satisfaction and helping lower costs.

Datasheets | Remote Support

Improving Customer Support for Exceptional Customer Experience

Tips on changing customer expectations and delivering on customer's needs.

Datasheets | Remote Support

Infographic: Exceptional Customer Experience – The New Business Differentiator

Happy, engaged, and loyal customers can help drive revenue – and state-of-the-art technology is the engine.

Competitive Comparisons | Remote Support

LogMeIn wins 2016 North American Remote Support Technology Company of the Year

By demonstrating excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership.

Competitive Comparisons |

NPS Results: LogMeIn Rescue vs. Cisco WebEx

Unlike WebEx, Rescue was purpose-built for the professional helpdesk and call center by professional technicians.

Webinars | IoT, Mobility

On-Demand Webinar: Field Services Game Changers: Mobility, Video and the IoT

Three current key trends impacting Field Service Organizations to improve the support experience.

Webinars | IoT

On-Demand Webinar: 3 Tips - Service Revenue Growth & the Looming IoT

How the IoT affects the services your business offers, and the resulting revenue growth.

Webinars | Remote Support

On-Demand Webinar: Do More with Less - Optimize Your Service Delivery Channel

Shift from high-cost on-site incidents to lower-cost assisted and unassisted support channels.

Webinars | IoT

On-Demand Webinar: Generating Revenue with the IoT: Is Support Prepared?

IoT's potential to create new revenue opportunities and drive change in the broader business landscape is undeniable.

Webinars | Remote Support

On-Demand Webinar: IDG - Remote Support Services

Learn to control the increasing complexity of the IT landscape - from new technology and devices to the growing costs of supporting a sprawling infrastructure.

Webinars | Remote Support

On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Customer Experience and Support with Every Engagement

Best practices on how to provide personalized, human support in the ever-increasing digital world.

Webinars | Interactive Video

On-Demand Webinar: Overcoming Challenges in Video Field Service

TSIA's John Ragsdale discussion on video challenges.

Webinars | Interactive Video

On-Demand Webinar: Revolutionizing the Claims Process Through Technology

Understand challenges to successful adoption of new technologies and how to overcome them.

Webinars | Remote Support

On-Demand Webinar: Scale Your Support Organization to Meet Your Rising Needs

It's time to ensure that your support organization is tuned up and primed to meet the evolving requirements of your end users, while still "doing more with less".

Webinars | Interactive Video

On-Demand Webinar: Strengthen Your Field Service Game Plan with Video

The benefits video-aided technology bring to the field service market.

Datasheets | Mobility

Rescue & BoldChat Mobile SDK

Integrate real-time engagement and remote support directly into any native iOS or Android app.

Datasheets | Remote Support

Rescue Architecture Technical Overview

The architecture behind Rescue provides the right levels of scalability, security, reliability and ease of use.

Datasheets |

Rescue Command Center

Balance the effectiveness and efficiency of your support from a single interface with Rescue's Command Center

Datasheets | Mobility

Rescue In-App Support: Rescue Your Customers Right Where They Are

Your customers are using mobile apps, so you'll want to be rescuing them right where they are with Rescue In-App support.

Videos | Interactive Video

Rescue Lens | Meet Gary

Will Gary get to work on time with the help of Rescue Lens?

Videos | Interactive Video

Rescue Lens | Meet Howard

Can Rescue Lens help Howard cruise into the weekend?

Videos | Interactive Video

Rescue Lens | Meet Paula

Can Rescue Lens help Paula solve her late night printer problems?

Datasheets | Interactive Video

Rescue Lens for Insurance

Help your claims agents see the claim, through the eyes of the customer.

Datasheets | Interactive Video

Rescue Lens for Manufacturing

For manufacturing customer service centers, a new way to look at support.

Datasheets |

Rescue Overview

Whether you’re providing technical support to your employees, customers, or both, you need a remote support solution that's fast, reliable, flexible, easy to deploy, and easy to use.

Datasheets |

Rescue ServiceNow Integration

Extend the power of now with the LogMeIn Rescue & ServiceNow integration!

Competitive Comparisons |

Rescue vs. Bomgar Test Results

QualiTest Put Rescue and Bomgar to the Test.

Competitive Comparisons |

Rescue vs. TeamViewer Test Results

QualiTest Put Rescue and TeamViewer to the Test.

Datasheets | Interactive Video

Support just got a whole new set of eyes - Rescue Lens

Give your services team the power of interactive video to support issues in the physical world using their mobile phone.

Datasheets |

Ten Things You Must Try in LogMeIn Rescue

Let us guide you through the 10 most useful features in LogMeIn Rescue.

Webinars |

Top Technologies Continuing to Impact Customer Service in 2017

Learn several key drivers that are forcing change in 2017 that stem from "The Consumerization of B2B Support."

Analyst Reports | Interactive Video

TSIA - Revolutionizing Support Interactions with Video

Providing a direct line of sight into the customer's home or office

Analyst Reports | Remote Support

TSIA - The State of Support Services Report

The results of TSIA’s Support Services Benchmark Survey continue to reveal the hard truths about delivering technical support in 2016.

Analyst Reports | Interactive Video

Video Collaboration in the Field: See the Path to Resolution

This report highlights the increased use of collaborative video tools in field services to ensure technicians have the information and skills to solve problems on a first visit.

Datasheets | Remote Support

What Matters Most in a Remote Support Solution

A recent online survey of those using remote support tools found these considerations mattered most.

Videos | Remote Support, Interactive Video

Zero Motorcycles

See how Zero Motorcycles is able to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual travel costs (and lost productivity) by no longer sending its expert technicians to make on-site repairs.