Winning Over Your Customers with Video Support

Each year, millions of connected products enter the marketplace, but what we have seen is that customers might not be ready to configure these products on their own. What does that mean for support teams tasked with helping these customers? As more businesses consider complex products, supporting the adoption and on-boarding becomes more important than ever. If there is insufficient focus on getting started, successful integrations, maintenance, and troubleshooting; what happens when these customers aren’t able to figure it out on their own? In order to make this technology stick with customers, organizations must make it as simple as possible, otherwise, it just will not be worth the hassle.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Why a single configuration mishap can end a customer relationship
  • Increasing product complexity and its impact on no fault found returns
  • Why customer support will play a pivotal role in customer loyalty
  • How 46% of issues are being solved on first contact when using a video support tool