Rescue Lens for Manufacturing

For manufacturing customer service centers, a new way to look at support.

For both discrete and OEM manufacturers, the shift is on to a more service-oriented way of doing business. Manufacturers are finding themselves focused more on customer engagement than product features. As the role of customer service departments becomes more strategic in response, there is increased pressure to transform what has traditionally been a cost center to a profit maker. This has manufacturers looking for ways to reduce costs associated with customer service – especially for warranty management – while also improving customer satisfaction.

Enter Rescue Lens, an innovative, live-video support tool that helps your customer service representatives see precisely what the problem is, through the eyes of the customer, without leaving the call center.

With Rescue Lens, customers can use a smartphone to stream and record video of the problem directly from the site, back to your service representatives. Lens is interactive, so your service representatives can guide a customer to look at the areas the representative needs to see. The result is faster time-to-solution, reduced truck rolls, fewer product returns, and happier customers.