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headset In-App Support

As mobile applications continue to evolve, usage and adoption grows rapidly. However, app support continues to be a challenge for customers, often needing to seek support outside of the app, through website FAQs, email, and even phone support. And poor app support not only impacts customer satisfaction, it can put a company's bottom line in jeopardy.

Optimize your customers' mobile support experience with a seamless, intuitive support channel within the app. The new Rescue Software Development Kit (SDK) for In-App Support provides quick and easy access to the end of user's app, all within the intuitive Rescue interface.

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With LogMeIn Rescue's In-App Support SDK, you can:

Remote View

Co-browse with your users, and see the problem in real-time

Rescue Chat

Connect users directly with technicians, and maintain conversations throughout the session within the app


Guide users through your app with pinpoint accuracy with whiteboarding and laser pointer functionality

Access diagnostics

Help your support technicians trouble shoot by having access to mobile level system information

Support without additional downloads

Users will be able to start the session directly in the app without needing to download another application

Platform agnostic

Available for both iOS and Android platforms