Advanced connection notice Technicians receive advanced notice of incoming sessions through a "connecting" status that notifies them when a customer initiates download on the chat applet
Connect in 20 seconds Fast-downloading the lightweight customer applet runs in approximately 20 seconds on PCs and Macs, and completely removes itself from the remote system at session termination. Smartphone applet downloads in seconds on 3G+ networks
Easy-to-use customer applet Simplified customer applet is easy to use, so even novice PC users can easily accept remote support, often with one click. Fire-wall friendly architecture means PC user does not require administrator rights to run customer applet
Instant chat End users can immediately chat with support technicians without downloading software. To remotely connect from instant chat, end users can click a link in the instant chat box to quickly download the Rescue applet
Support for low-bandwidth users Monochrome remote control for low-bandwidth connections