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In industries ranging from financial services to telecom, remote support services are transforming the way customer service is delivered. A remote support tool can help improve support agent efficiency, enhance the user experience, and reduce the overall cost of service delivery.

Indispensable to tech support providers and enterprise IT helpdesks working with remote and mobile workforces, remote support services allow technicians to access a user’s computer or mobile device remotely in order to provide personalized hands-on assistance and, if necessary, mobile device management. And with the introduction of interactive video in best-of-breed remote support tools, providers in all service disciplines—including manufacturing, education, and healthcare—are discovering the power of remote support services to eliminate the need for on-site work and boost productivity.

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How Remote Support Services Are Transforming Service Delivery in a Range of Fields

In IT departments and tech support organizations, remote support services have been used to achieve faster resolution times and improved first-call resolution rates when supporting remote employees or other types of users. With the availability of more advanced capabilities like mobile device support and live video streaming, other service disciplines are now adopting remote support services to save on travel costs and work more efficiently.

With the use of sophisticated remote support services, field service technicians for example, are able to investigate and often completely resolve equipment issues without having to physically visit a site. And managed service providers are able to quickly and easily access a client’s systems for periodic performance monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting—all without having to dispatch a field agent or interrupt the client’s regular business.

What Differentiates Best-of-Breed Remote Support Services from the Rest

LogMeIn Rescue is a best-of-breed remote support solution designed with the future in mind. Whether you’re developing an IoT-ready tech support app or building in-app support into your next mobile offering, we have the tools you need to make your product or service better. Remote support technology is our specialty, and we’ve engineered what we believe to be the most powerful, reliable, and intuitive solution on the market. What distinguishes the best remote support services from the rest are forward-thinking features like these:

  • Multi-platform support: The latest version of LogMeIn Rescue supports not just PCs but also Apple Macintosh systems and the widest range of mobile devices including BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPads, and all Android 2.3+ smartphones.
  • Live interactive video: Rescue Lens enables users to stream live video to a remote support technician who can use our whiteboard technology to annotate the screen as necessary while providing guidance or training.
  • Seamless integrations: Rescue makes it easy to streamline all of your support processes, letting you fully integrate our remote support service with your existing helpdesk or CRM solution using our out-of-the-box integrations or public APIs.

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