While its name may be “Salesforce,” is also the world’s leading customer service platform, helping organizations around the globe deliver customer service that’s faster and smarter, and keeps customers happy and satisfied. You can deliver customer service that’s even faster and smarter, and keep your customers happier and more satisfied, by integrating with LogMeIn Rescue, the industry leader when it comes to remote customer support. With Rescue, you’ll not only improve customer satisfaction, you’ll also be able to improve the productivity levels of your support desk.

When you integrate Rescue with Salesforce, you’ll be able to launch a remote support session from within Salesforce, via the Case tab. Once you’re in Rescue, your support techs will be able to directly observe what’s happening on your end-users’ desktop, laptop or smartphone. They’ll be able to take control when needed. Faster and smarter troubleshooting, faster and smarter problem resolution. And once the support session is completed, session data syncs back to the case record in Salesforce. Your Salesforce user will be able to access all the details of the Rescue session by clicking on the item in the Activity History section of a case. 

We call the Salesforce-LogMeIn connection the Salesforce-Rescue Integration Multiplier. And it’s a way to take the customer satisfaction you’re achieving with Salesforce and multiplying it out.  And you’ll do it all through the same fully-cloud-based experience you enjoy with Salesforce. No infrastructure to invest in and manage. The ability to scale as needed. Optional integration with Instant Chat to add an exciting new channel to your support mix.

Integrating Rescue with Salesforce is straightforward: 

Just install the LogMeIn Rescue Integration package, and you’re on your way. Set up your initial configuration, add Rescue data fields to your task layout, customize data mapping to Rescue sessions & configure Single-SignOn, so you don’t need to enter Rescue credentials from within Salesforce. With faster and smarter support capabilities, you’ll be ready to start making your customers happier.

Sounds like a good idea? Why not get going now?

You’ll find the Rescue Integration from the Salesforce AppExchange here.

If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for integrating with Salesforce, they’re here.

Not already a Rescue user? We can take care of that! Just sign up for a FREE TRIAL and you’ll be ready to provide instant, on-demand remote support to anyone in the world in just seconds. All without pre-installing software on their device.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up now and you’ll have 14 days to see for yourself how the Salesforce-Rescue Integration Multiplier will work for you.