Taking Advantage of the HappyFox-Rescue Integration Multiplier

HappyFox aims to help its customers provide support that's exceptional with a helpdesk and customer support solution that's practical. And what could be more practical than combining HappyFox's robust ticketing system, self-service knowledge base and community forums, and ability to painlessly bring together email, web, chat and phone requests, with LogMeIn Rescue, the leading remote support solution?

How practical is the HappyFox-Rescue integration? For starters, it will give your technicians the ability to initiate a remote support session from directly within HappyFox tickets, making the support process more efficient. Once the support session starts, things get even more practical. Rather than having to rely on confusing telephone exchanges, long-delay emails, screen shot sends, and other time-consuming support messages, with Rescue your agents will be able to jump right into providing support.

After making a quick connection your agents will be able to take a look at - and take control of - the end user's screen. They'll be able to troubleshoot a problem, run remote diagnostics, resolve problems more quickly, and have the Rescue session transcript added to the ticket. And if the problem really gets thorny, Rescue lets you have multiple technicians provide support on the same ticket: no more losing important information or having to make your customers repeat themselves. 

We call our integration the HappyFox-Rescue Integration Multiplier

And the results are purely practical: happy customers, happy support agents

Integrating Rescue with HappyFox, it's quite simple:

After a few short steps, your agents will be able to begin initiating a remote support session within a ticket. You even have the ability to enable Single SignOn, to help streamline the process even more. 

Sound like something that will make HappyFox-ers even happier? Why not get going now?

You can find more technical information on Rescue integration with HappyFox here.

Not already a Rescue user? We can take care of that! Just sign up for a FREE TRIAL and you'll be ready to provide instant, on-demand remote support to anyone in the world in just seconds. All without pre-installing software on their device. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and you'll have 14 days to see for yourself how the HappyFox-Rescue Integration Multiplier will work for you.