Taking Advantage of the Freshdesk-Rescue Integration Multiplier

Few things are more frustrating to an end user than having to describe, on the phone, over and over again, just what the technical problem is that your customer is having. And few things are more frustrating to your support technicians than trying to figure out exactly what the customer is talking about. So much time can be spend on unproductive back-and-forths just to try and figure out what, exactly, your customer's problem is. Your service desk will become more productive - more effective and efficient if you're integrating with Rescue. 

With Rescue, your support agents will be able to remotely assist your customers - wherever they're located and whatever device they're on. They'll be able to initiate support sessions from within Freskdesk - no more juggling multiple apps and wondering where you are. After making a quick connection your agents will be able to jump right onto the customer's screen, directly from a ticket. They'll be able to troubleshoot a problem, resolve it more quickly, and have the Rescue session transcript added to the ticket. 

We call it the Freshdesk-Rescue Integration Multiplier. And it will help you take a fresh look at end user support. The result: happier customers, happier support agents. 

Integrating Rescue with Freshdesk couldn't be easier: 

Just go into the Freshdesk Admin center and choose LogMeIn Rescue from the list of integrations. Then enter your Company ID. (Don't worry, it's easy enough to find.) Another step or two, click "Enable," and a Rescue widget appears. You just need to let Rescue know that session data goes back to Freshdesk, and your agents are ready to start taking a fresh look at how they support your customers. 

Sound like a fresh idea? Why not get going now?

You can find more technical information on Rescue integration with Freshdesk here.

Not already a Rescue user? We can take care of that! Just sign up for a FREE TRIAL and you’ll be ready to provide instant, on-demand remote support to anyone in the world in just seconds. All without pre-installing software on their device.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up now and you’ll have 14 days to see for yourself how the Freshdesk-Rescue Integration Multiplier will work for you.