Taking Advantage of the BoldChat-Rescue Integration Multiplier

Customer service centers are increasingly adding chat to their roster of support channels, and with BoldChat, you’ve chosen the best chat solution on the market. With BoldChat, you’re able to provide the level of immediacy and engagement that your customers are looking for. But when the problem you’re trying to resolve is complex, it may be that your technicians need to screen share, or remotely control the end user’s device. This is where integration with LogMeIn Rescue can come to the rescue. When Rescue is integrated into the BoldChat experience, you can easily initiate on-demand support. The results? Improved support technician efficiency and a boost in customer satisfaction.

BoldChat integrates seamlessly with Rescue, and is Rescue-ready right out of the box. While engaging with your end users within BoldChat, all a support agent needs to do to move into Rescue mode is authenticate themselves with their Rescue credentials. (These credential can be stored within BoldChat, making life even easier – enabling your agents to seamlessly escalate to a remote support session in even fewer steps.)  No PIN code entry required on your end user’s part – a Rescue support session is automatically created. From the end-user’s perspective, support is seamless: all communication and session management are centralized within the BoldChat chat window. From the support team’s perspective, the agent has access to all of Rescue’s remote support functionality, including remote diagnostics, remote control, and device configuration. And the chat dialog is synchronized between both BoldChat and Rescue, enabling easy access to review session details once a session has ended. 

Improved engagement, greater control over the customer experience

Without pre-installed software, Rescue enables technicians and agents to connect to PCs, Macs and mobile devices in seconds. Issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, helping boost first-call resolutions, decrease average handle times and improve the overall customer care experience.

Sound like a good idea? Why not get going now? 

For more information on integrating BoldChat and Rescue, go here.

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