Taking advantage of the Autotask-Rescue Integration Multiplier

Consultants, VARs, MSPs, break-fix IT service providers - you're turing to Autotask to help manage the many professional services you offer. But when your customers come to you looking for technical support, do you find that your support desk is spending needless hours trying to resolve problems with time-consuming phone calls and expensive truck rolls? Wouldn't you rather be helping those customers by supporting them with the leading remote support solution - one that's prepped for integration with Autotask?

When you integrate your Autotask solution with Rescue, your technicians will be able to initiate support sessions from within Autotask. Your support processes become immediately more efficient: no more app hopping. With Rescue, your techs will be able to access your customers' desktops, laptops, or mobile devices - all within the Autotask interface. You'll be able to watch what your end-users are doing (or not doing), run diagnostics, take control of the end-users device, reboot and reconnect, drag and drop files, whatever your support techs need to get the job done. And once the support session is complete, the session data automatically syncs back to the Autotask ticket. You're now able to track customer engagements within a single tool. Making your service desk even more efficient and productive.

We call these greater efficiencies the Autotask-Rescue Integration Multiplier. And it can multiply efficiencies and customer satisfaction for you.

You'll just need to add Rescue LiveLink into the Autotask LiveLinks from the AXN Catalog. A few short steps, and you'll be able to quickly generate Rescue PIN codes, launch remote support sessions, and send post-session details back to Autotask.

Sounds like a good idea? Why not get going now?

You'll find more technical information on integrating with Rescue here

Not already a Rescue user? We can take care of that! Just sign up for a FREE TRIAL and you'll be ready to provide instant, on-demand remote support to anyone in the world in just seconds. All without pre-installing software on their device. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and you'll have 14 days to see for yourself how the Autotask-Rescue Integration Multiplier will work for you.