Taking Advantage of Agiloft-Rescue Integration Multiplier

Whether you're supporting your customers, your workforce, or both, as an Agiloft support desk customer, you're looking to reduce response time, clear out more help tickets, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Now, by integrating with LogMeIn Rescue, you can take advantage of the Agiloft-Rescue Integration Multiplier - and experience faster results and happier customers (and employees).

When you integrate Agiloft's Support Case Table with Rescue, the leading remote support platform, your technicians will be able to initiate support sessions from the staff interface. With Rescue, your techs are right there, on the customer's desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Watch what your end-users are doing (or not doing). Run diagnostics. Take control of the end-user device. Reboot and reconnect. Drag and drop files. Whatever they need to get the job done.

Technicians can generate the Rescue PIN codes needed to initiate a remote support session from within the Agiloft interface, and session details are sent back to Agiloft when the support session is ended. Within the Support Case record, your technicians will be able to view session details and chat transcripts, tracking activity from the remote support sessions from within the case records for faster issue resolution and complete visibility into customer interactions. You'll be providing them with all the information they need to deliver fully-integrated customer support.

Integration is easy:

There's a step-by-step guide to walk you through the setup, and, once you're up and running you won't need to worry about remembering multiple passwords: you'll be able to take advantage of Rescue's Single SignOn feature. And customization capabilities lets you add fields to the embedded search filter. Fine tune your layout. Customize permissions. And refine the email template that sends the Rescue PIN to your customer. 

Sound like a good idea? Why not get going now?

You'll find full technical information on integrating with Rescue here

Not already a Rescue user? Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how the Agiloft-Rescue Integration Multiplier will work for you.