LogMeIn Rescue is an easy-to-use, customizable solution that provides a premier remote support connection across a wide range of platforms.

The Rescue Interface

Want to know how to use LogMeIn Rescue? Our remote assistance software is comprised of four main applications.

monitor-headset Technician Console

The Technician Console is our remote desktop manager’s online interface used by support technicians to conduct remote desktop support sessions. Technicians can initiate new sessions or respond to online customer requests waiting in a shared queue.

The Windows and Mac desktop apps enable technicians to access their console in one click, so they can provide support faster, without the hassle of a browser.

Multiple simultaneous active sessions can be conducted using:

  • Direct connection to the customer via code or emailed link
  • Desktop view and remote control, including whiteboard
  • Detailed session history & notes
  • Chat interface with predefined replies, URL push, and file transfer
  • Detailed system diagnostics, including reboot & reconnect
  • Shared global queue

monitor-chat Customer Applet

With the customer's permission, this small .exe file automatically downloads to the remote PC. It's part of our remote control software interface through which technicians communicate with customers and conduct remote support. The applet automatically removes itself from the remote PC at session conclusion.

The applet provides remote customers with:

  • Interactive chat and detailed session history
  • Prompts to permit or deny technicians access to all functions
  • File transfer to the technician
  • Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at anytime

monitor-3-headset Administration Center

The intuitive online RDP software is used by administrators to create and assign permissions for other administrators, technicians, and groups. Administrators can also create support channels - web-based links that automatically connect customers to technicians - and assign them to specific groups. 

The Admin Center allows administrators to:

  • Create technician groups and assign permissions at a granular level
  • Assign support channels to specific technician groups
  • Enable and view reports of technician performance
  • Enable and view reports of customer satisfaction levels

monitor-rescue Click2fix Mobile Support

LogMeIn Rescue's intuitive interface for supporting mobile platforms like iOS and Android, helps agents quickly identify problems, click a fix for fast resolution, and escalate sessions if necessary. For simplicity and ease of use, LogMeIn Software allows agents to get all the information they need at a glance. 

One-click fixes include:

  • Remote control software/remote view - See the user's device and use whiteboard, laser pointer, screen capture/recording and more
  • Alert bar - Shows notifications of battery, firmware and application issues 
  • Pre-defined APN push - Allows preset APN for one-click push to the device 
  • Quick Nav - Shortcuts to common setting screens (Android only)
  • Battery Optimization - Quick push of several settings known to improve battery life 
  • Radio Toggles - See existing connections and turn Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS on or off
  • Web shortcuts - Push an icon to an Android or Blackberry to launch a pre-set URL
  • URL Push - Send any URL to a device (includes recent URL memory)