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Transform customer support with a remote desktop connection.

Remote access software that enables a remote desktop connection can make an enormous difference in the way your organization provides support to customers and end-users.

Phone calls, chat and other traditional means of providing support are often time-consuming and cumbersome. Help desk employees must get their information from a customer’s description of a problem, which may be inaccurate. They have to ask a variety of questions to investigate the issue, and communicate step-by-step instructions to the customer to try to find a remedy. It’s often a frustrating experience for both the caller and the technician.

With remote assist software that allows a remote desktop connection, technicians can take control of a user’s device to see for themselves what the problem is. They can run tests, configure settings, transfer files and attempt a fix on their own, without involving the customer. It’s faster, more productive and less confusing for everyone.

The key to using a remote desktop connection is to find a platform that combines powerful features, ease-of-use and strong security. That’s where LogMeIn can help.

LogMeIn Rescue: an innovative solution for remote desktop connection.

LogMeIn Rescue is a cloud-based remote desktop software solution that makes it easy to establish a remote desktop connection for providing technical assistance, training employees or offering remote support for virtually any product.

As a market-leading customer service software, Rescue was purpose-built for call centers and help desks. Unlimited scalability makes Rescue a great choice for one-person shops as well as enterprise support organizations with thousands of employees. Rescue ensures a secure remote desktop connection with TLS 1.1 transport security and AES-256-bit encryption. An intuitive interface makes Rescue easy to use for agents and customers alike, and fast connectivity lets technicians establish a support connection to a remote control device in as little as 20 seconds. And as a cloud-based solution, LogMeIn Rescue can be deployed quickly and easily, without capital expense for hardware, software or infrastructure.

Benefits of LogMeIn’s remote desktop connection software

With a remote desktop connection solution from LogMeIn, you can:

  • Delight customers and end-users with faster resolution of issues and a frictionless support experience.
  • Improve cost efficiency with shorter call handle times, increased first-call resolution rates and fewer service trips into the field.
  • Boost productivity by enabling agents to resolve issues more quickly and service more support tickets on any given day.

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