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Drive customer support productivity with a remote desktop application.

When improving the productivity of your help desk is a top priority, a remote desktop application can yield big benefits.

Providing support over the phone or via chat can be a time-consuming process. Customers and end-users without technical experience have to try to communicate some problem with their device, while customer support technicians try to translate it into a technical diagnosis and communicate potential remedies back to the user. It’s a slow, cumbersome process that can be frustrating for both parties.

A remote desktop application provides customer support technicians with computer remote access to a user’s device. By temporarily taking control of a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, your support technicians can quickly diagnose, test and remedy problems without requiring assistance from the user. Remote assist software can also enable a support technician to walk the user through the features of an application or train them on using new hardware.

The impact on productivity can be huge. With a remote desktop application, issues are resolved faster so support technicians can process more requests each day. First-call resolution rates rise, decreasing the number of calls to the help desk. And more issues can be solved remotely, avoiding the time and considerable expense of dispatching technicians to the field.

LogMeIn Rescue: an easy-to-use remote desktop application.

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote desktop application specifically built for help desks, call centers and other support organizations. This easy-to-use and customizable solution lets your customer support technicians connect quickly to devices anywhere in the world, running diagnostics and resolving issues with greater speed and precision.

As a SaaS-based remote support software solution, Rescue deploys quickly and can scale easily from one to 25,000 licenses or more. The intuitive interface was designed by technicians for technicians, making it easy for your staff to help coworkers and impress customers with superior support. The powerful infrastructure in this remote desktop application lets technicians connect to any device in as little as 20 seconds, with security ensured by AES-256-bit encryption and TLS 1.1 transport security. And with hosting in multiple LogMeIn data centers, LogMeIn’s remote login software delivers an uptime record of 99.99+%.

Additional features of LogMeIn’s remote desktop application

When you establish a support connection with LogMeIn’s remote desktop application, you can:

  • Support devices on multiple platforms, including PCs and Macs, and establish remote access on Android, iOS, Blackberry and other mobile platforms.
  • Deliver quick and easy assistance within mobile applications with Rescue’s in-app support.
  • Use Rescue Lens to allow customers to send real-time video that lets technicians see exactly what the customer is seeing.

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