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Remote computer access drives support costs down.

For help desks and customer support centers, remote computer access can help to dramatically lower the cost of providing support to customers and end-users.

With remote computer access technology, customer support agents can remote connect to a user’s computer or mobile device and take control of it to resolve issues quickly. Agents can transfer files, run diagnostic tests, check configurations and show users how to perform certain tasks or use various features.

The benefits are significant. By giving customer support agents remote computer access, you can resolve issues faster, reduce call handle times and improve first-call resolution rates. That results in greater productivity and lower support costs. Even more impressively, remote computer access is a big hit with customers and end-users who no longer have to try to answer questions and execute instructions given to them over the phone – they can simply turn over control to support technicians who can do the work themselves in a fraction of the time.

LogMeIn Rescue makes remote computer access easy.

LogMeIn Rescue is a cloud-based remote login software solution that makes it easy to provide remote assistance to customers anywhere in the world using any device.

With Rescue, you can connect to customer devices quickly and securely – all support sessions run over a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection using TLS 1.1 transport security. Rescue provides remote computer access across both PCs and Macs, while LogMeIn’s mobile device support provides iOS, Blackberry and Android remote access.

Rescue is the ideal solution for one-person shops and for the largest enterprise support organizations, with the ability to scale from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more with ease. And best of all, Rescue is easy to use and customize, providing an intuitive interface that lets agents easily take control, transfer files, perform diagnostics and use a variety of other tools to resolve issues quickly.

Powerful tools for remote computer access

When you use LogMeIn Rescue to deliver remote computer support, you can take advantage of:

  • Multi-platform support that gives remote computer access to a wide variety of devices, enabling you to push configurations, run system diagnostics, whiteboard information and troubleshoot issues.
  • In-app support for mobile applications that provides a seamless support experience within the app rather than forcing users to seek help via phone, chat or the web when they run into problems.
  • Mobile support for more smart phones and tablets than any other remote support solution.
  • Rescue Lens, an innovative tool that combines real-time video with smart whiteboard technology and lets you see exactly what the end-user sees by using the camera on their mobile device.

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