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Remote assistance software is revolutionizing customer and end-user support. By allowing support technicians to establish a remote connection to a user’s computer or device, remote assistance software accelerates resolution of issues and eliminates customer confusion and frustration.

In a typical help desk call, a customer describes a problem over the phone to a technician who asks questions and tries to walk the customer through a set of tasks to diagnose and fix the issue. It’s a time-consuming, painstaking and frustrating experience for many customers, especially non-technical users.

With remote assistance software, support technicians can use remote computer access to take control of the customer’s device, running diagnostics and attempting resolution themselves – without requiring help from the customer. It’s faster, easier and less frustrating for everyone involved.

By adding remote assistance software to your helpdesk, call center or support organization, you can easily reduce call handle times, increase first call resolution rates and save money on the cost of field visits – not to mention making your customers and users very, very happy.

Remote assistance programs from LogMeIn

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote assistance software solution that is purpose-built for the largest call centers, the one-person IT shop and everything in between.

Easy to use and customize, LogMeIn’s remote support software is a SaaS solution that requires no upfront investment in hardware, software or infrastructure. This remote assistance software offers multi-platform support for remote Mac and PC connections, as well as mobile support for Android, iOS, Blackberry and more.

With LogMeIn Rescue, you can connect to any device in the world within just a few seconds. Security is provided by 256-bit SSL-encrypted connections with access granted via secure pin or link. End-users must give permission for remote login and other functions, and when the session is over Rescue automatically uninstalls the file that enables the remote share.

Above all, remote assistance software from LogMeIn is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that gives technicians everything they need to resolve issues more quickly. Agents can transfer files, run diagnostics and take control of a user’s device with one click. And with multiple ways to start a support session and communicate during it, Rescue is easy for your customers to use as well.

Key benefits

With remote assistance software from LogMeIn, you can:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of providing support by shortening call handle times, resolving more issues on the first call, and spending less time and money on expensive field visits.
  • Delight customers by resolving problems faster and enabling agents to perform tasks without requiring help from the customer.
  • Boost productivity by enabling agents to process more service requests and to handle multiple calls simultaneously.

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