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Simple support with tools for Android remote access.

For organizations providing support for Android devices, tools that offer remote access to Android phones and tablets can significantly streamline the support process.

With remote access software, support technicians can gain remote access to Android devices in order to run diagnostics, configure settings and resolve issues. Rather than relying on phone or chat conversations to diagnose the problem and apply a fix, technicians can work with products themselves as if the device was sitting on their worktable.

With Android remote access, technicians can work faster and more productively. That means customers and employees get their devices back sooner, and support organizations can reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction.

The key to realizing these benefits is to choose a solution with tools that make it easy to establish remote access to Android devices anywhere in the world and that allow technicians to diagnose and fix products fast. For many help desk, call centers and support organizations around the world, LogMeIn provides the most flexible and easy-to-use solution.

LogMeIn Rescue's remote access Android app.

LogMeIn Rescue is an industry-leading remote control software solution that enables remote access to Android devices as well as other mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, including remote Mac and PC devices.

Rescue is fast, letting technicians establish remote access to Android devices in as little as 20 seconds. Built on an enterprise-grade cloud platform, Rescue delivers the reliability and scalability that support organizations require. And Rescue is secure, too, employing TLS 1.1 transport security with AES 256-bit encryption for all sessions.

Through a free app download from GooglePlay, Rescue supports remote access to Android 2.3+ devices from manufacturers that include Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Panasonic, HP, LG, Lenovo, Kazam, Asus and others.

Tools for remote access to Android devices.

LogMeIn Rescue provides an intuitive interface that gives technicians access to a wide variety of remote desktop tools for diagnosing issues, communicating with users and resolving issues quickly. With Rescue, technicians can:

  • View and control a user’s device as if it was in their own hands.
  • Configure devices with tools to easily change network, connection, battery and email settings through a single interface.
  • Quickly pull system and software information from the device.
  • Use QuickNav tools to easily navigate to common settings in one click.
  • Communicate with users via chat throughout the support session.
  • Automatically launch URLs in the user’s default browser and quickly push web shortcuts to the home screen on the device.

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