Remote Desktop Manager

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Delight customers and reduce costs with a remote desktop manager.

A remote desktop manager can produce big results for help desks, call centers and support organizations.

By helping technicians establish a remote desktop connection to a customer’s or end-user’s device, a remote desktop manager makes it possible for technicians to take control of a remote device anywhere in the world to diagnose problems, configure settings, apply fixes and resolve issues.

By avoiding the back-and-forth of the traditional helpdesk conversation – where customers convey problems and technicians suggest answers over the phone or through a chat interface – technicians can resolve issues themselves in far less time than it typically takes to handle a support request. And that’s a win for support organizations and customers alike.

A remote desktop manager from LogMeIn

The key to taking advantage of remote assist technology is to find a remote desktop manager that makes it easy to connect to any device, anywhere in the world, while providing all the tools technicians need to rapidly diagnose and resolve problems. That’s where LogMeIn Rescue can help.

As a market-leading remote desktop manager, LogMeIn Rescue lets technicians connect to PCs, Macs and mobile devices running iOS, Android, Blackberry and other platforms. With this SaaS-based customer support system, technicians can resolve issues remotely or share a desktop to demonstrate features or train users on new software and hardware.

Desktop sharing with LogMeIn is highly secure – all sessions employ TLS 1.1 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption. And Rescue’s customer support software is fast, too – technicians can connect to devices anywhere in the world in as little as 20 seconds. With unlimited scalability, LogMeIn’s remote desktop manager lets you quickly expand from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more. And an intuitive interface and a focus on simplicity makes Rescue easy to use for technicians and customers alike.

Advantages of LogMeIn’s remote desktop manager

When you employ a remote desktop manager from LogMeIn, you can:

  • Drive down costs by increasing first-call resolution rates, decreasing call handle time, and by solving problems remotely rather than dispatching technicians on costly trips into the field.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing a faster and more pleasant support experience, where technicians can do the work without needing to involve the customer or user.
  • Provide support for virtually any product using Rescue Lens, a video streaming tool that lets technicians see exactly what the customer is seeing.

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