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Remote computer control is a highly beneficial capability in helpdesk support solutions. It enables support technicians to access users’ computers remotely to perform helpdesk services. Technicians need not handhold users through complex troubleshooting and recovery procedures since technicians remote access desktop machines and perform these procedures themselves. As a result, problem resolution becomes much quicker.

A helpdesk app that performs remote computer control offer many benefits over tools that do not. These benefits are clear with LogMeIn Rescue, the market leading remote support solution from LogMeIn.

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Use LogMeIn Rescue Remote Computer Software For Comprehensive Helpdesk Support

LogMeIn Rescue is a state-of-art remote support solution that runs in the cloud. As such, it offers more comprehensive features and a faster return on investment than on-premise support solutions. Support organizations need only subscribe to Rescue to gain the ability to connect remote desktop machines to their support consoles for hands-on access and control and faster problem resolution.

Some of the innovative features available from Rescue are:

  • Multi-platform support -- Support technicians can use Rescue for remote computer control of major Windows and OS X platforms. Mobile device operating systems like iOS and Android are also supported. Technicians need not use separate support tools to access different operating systems. They can do so within the single Rescue environment.
  • Multi-session support -- Using Rescue, technicians can join more than one remote desktop session to support more than one user at a time. In each session, a technician can chat with users while – if permitted by the user -- implementing remote computer control of the user’s system and applications. In the Rescue environment, technicians can switch between concurrent individual sessions easily thereby allowing technicians to multi-task effectively.
  • Technician Collaboration -- Rescue allows technicians to invite other technicians into active secure remote desktop sessions. This is useful when the primary technician needs the expertise of other technicians to solve technical problems. More than one technician can be invited by the primary technician and all technicians can gain remote computer control over the user’s system, with the user’s permission.
  • Unattended access -- Technicians using Rescue can access user machines remotely without requiring users to be physically present at their machines. Users can be freed up to perform other tasks while technicians work remotely to resolve technical issues. This feature enables technicians to also support standalone devices like servers and printers.

Advantages of Using LogMeIn Rescue Remote Computer Control

Rescue’s features provide numerous advantages over other remote support tool offerings. When using Rescue, support technicians and their organizations can experience significant productivity gains from features like multi-session support, technician collaboration, and embedded support for streaming video. As a cloud service, Rescue enables support organizations to set up technicians for remote support delivery quickly without incurring costs in on-premise hardware or software. And with many years experience in providing technical support solutions for a wide range of industries, LogMeIn is the perfect partner to help you get your best return on your support software expenditures.

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