Live interactive video support

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Resolve remote tech support problems with live interactive video support.

Live interactive video support is changing the remote customer service industry. Where phone and chat support rely on verbal or written communication, live interactive video support enables customers and support agents to share the same view of a situation, making it easier to identify issues and fix problems quickly.

With live interactive video support software, your support team no longer must rely on incomplete information provided by customers – they can see things for themselves. And because a picture truly is worth a thousand words, they can assess, diagnose and resolve issues faster and with far less frustration for everyone involved.

LogMeIn Rescue: industry-leading live interactive video support

As a leading provider of technology for remote access for tech support, LogMeIn Rescue offers live interactive video support solutions in a cloud-based environment that is easy to deploy and use. Rescue Lens is an interactive video support tool that lets customers stream live video from their smart phone or tablet back to customer service agents in an office.

Rescue Lens allows organizations to bring remote assistance to nearly any situation, product or service. From diagnosing why a smart appliance isn’t working to verifying an insurance claim or identifying parts for manufacturing equipment, Rescue’s live interactive video support solutions make it easy to deliver exceptional remote customer service.

Features of Rescue’s live interactive video support software include:

  • Live HD video for a clear and complete view of the problem.
  • Smart Whiteboard technology that lets agents annotate on the screen of any device.
  • VoIP audio that makes it easy for users and agents to stay in touch throughout the support session.
  • Screen capture and video recording for saving a record of every live-stream session.
  • Session reporting that let you run custom reports on session details, including duration of the call, features used and time/date stamps.

Key Benefits of Rescue’s live interactive video support

When you add Rescue Lens to your computer online support and remote assistance programs, you can:

  • Decrease the duration of technical support sessions.
  • Resolve more problems more quickly.
  • Reduce the need for travel and on-site repairs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and build greater customer loyalty.

Rescue Lens is fully integrated with other support tools from LogMeIn Rescue. In addition to live interactive video support, Rescue provides mobile application support services that let users get assistance within a mobile app rather than abandoning the app to seek help via other channels. Rescue also offers co browsing capabilities and a variety of diagnostic tools that let agents identify and fix problems faster.

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