Professional Services

Optimize your LogMeIn Rescue configuration to help you get the most out of your LogMeIn Rescue subscription.

Rescue Professional Services by LogMeIn

LogMeIn Professional Services offer various packages geared towards the optimization of your Rescue configuration.  

evaluation-package Evaluation Package

The Rescue Professional Services Evaluation Package is for new customers who are looking to set up remote support services on a small to medium scale. This package includes activities which helps walk you through a technical evaluation - making sure the product is a technical fit, and collecting specific technical needs that translate to specific product configurations. Whether choosing this package for Rescue + Mobile or the Standard mode of PC, the SME Evaluation package will ensure optimal outcome of the trial process. 

The package includes:

  • Up to 15 hours of professional services consultancy 
  • Designated technical and commercial points of contact
  • Introduction and demonstration of the main Rescue components
  • Requirements evaluation call 
  • Initial setup of the evaluation account 
  • Evaluation review meeting

Contact sales for more details on the Rescue Professional Services Evaluation Package! 

pilot-package Pilot Package

Rescue's Pilot Professional Service Package is geared towards new customers looking to set up large call center support. If you are looking to introduce Rescue on consumer support, managed services operations or mobile end-user-support, you should take advantage of this managed pilot package. 

The package includes activities which helps you through the pilot process. The LogMeIn Team can review your objectives and KPIs, set pilot success criteria, assist in a Security/IT review and deliver scheduled training. Throughout the pilot, checkpoints and change control are offered where necessary.

The package includes, but not limited to:

  • Up to 30 hours of professional services consultancy
  • Designated technical process manager
  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Assistance in set up of evaluation account
  • Online training delivered by LogMeIn Trainer 
  • Customized training materials
  • IT Security & Data Privacy compliance review
  • Call Center deployment best practices
  • Consulting in ROI calculation and documentation 

For more information on the Rescue Professional Services Pilot Package contact sales today!

configuration-package Configuration Package

The Professional Services Configuration Package is recommended for existing or new customers who are rolling out a larger implementation of Rescue. The LogMeIn team can assist with deployment of rescue across the entire customer service and/or service desk area, including configuration advice with long-term objectives in mind, training of agents and administrators, adoption and growth planning, as well as a review of quick-win integrations options.

The Configuration Package includes:

  • Up to 30 hours of direct engagement 
  • Agent and Administration training - including mobile platforms
  • Mass user provisioning
  • Product set up best practices
  • Quick win integration options 
  • Operational and use case review
  • Set up optimal Leavers process
  • Customer-driven user management
  • Updating Mobile platform relating preferences
  • Initial set plus training on maintenance

For more information on the Professional Services Configuration Package contact sales today!

optimization-package Optimization Package

Rescue Professional Service's Optimization Package is geared towards existing customers in larger call centers looking to identify improvement areas, assisting in change control and fine tuning your remote support operations. 

LogMeIn's skilled advisors will work together with your stakeholder teams to establish a holistic view, pinpointing possible integration options, making suggestions to managed user provisions and exploring the usability of Rescue's advanced features such as Channels, APIs, Instant Chat, or Click2Fix Alert function set for mobile.

The Optimization Package includes:

  • Up to twenty hours of direct engagement
  • Systems review meeting
  • Review Rescue reporting
  • Analyze third party reports where applicable
  • Advanced feature demo and specifications
  • Use case review and recommendations
  • Techniques to increase adoption
  • Roadmap review and feature requests

Contact sales for more information Rescue Professional Service Optimization Package!