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More and more companies are leveraging mobile channels to connect with consumers—to interact with existing customers and market their products to prospective ones. For businesses that have chosen to embrace mobile as their primary touchpoint for customer engagement, tech support app can be not only an excellent means for fostering customer loyalty but also a key selling-point for your brand.

Through a tech support app, customers can do things like register products they’ve purchased from you, find answers to their questions, or contact your customer support center. And through the use of feedback forms and mobile analytics, you can collect useful data about your customers’ devices and preferences, information that can help you provide personalized support and further improve your products and services.

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When Convenience is King: Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Branded Tech Support App

In every industry, customer care channels are shifting. Customers want quick responses to their inquiries and fast fixes for their problems, and mobile is making it possible for companies to respond to this desire for speed and convenience. A tech support app or in-app support function enables users to tap on an icon on their smartphone or tablet and access some type of support, be it a knowledge base or a form to contact your service desk.

A remote tech support option takes that to the next level. Incorporating remote support capabilities into your tech support app or in app help allows you to provide an exceptional level of support to your users—enhancing the customer experience and setting your brand apart from your competitors. A remote support-enabled tech support app gives your customers direct access to a remote support technician who can then chat with them live about any issues they are having, view their device screen and configuration settings, and even control their device if necessary (depending on the device and the software used for remote support delivery).

The Leading Tech Support App Solution: LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue, a powerful solution from the leaders in remote tech support, gives your company the technology and tools you need to integrate a feature-rich tech support app into your mobile products. Featuring live interactive video and multi-platform support—including iOS and Android remote support service capabilities, Rescue lets you do more than most other tech support toolsets on the market today.

Via our remote access Android app, which is downloadable from Google Play, users with Android devices (from Samsung, HTC, HP, Motorola, and a host of other brands) can connect directly to your tech support professionals. Your support agents can then easily gather the information they need to diagnose and solve the user’s device or application issues. Via our easy-to-use Technician Console, they can then reassure the user via real-time chat, navigate to the user’s device settings with a single click, and make the appropriate adjustments necessary to get your user back on track fast. We also offer the same capabilities for iOS devices, with technicians using the same unified console to support all device types.

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