Remote Technical Support Software

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Delight customers and reduce costs with remote technical support software.

Remote technical support is a win-win for your customers and your business.

When help desk and customer support employees have remote computer access to devices, providing remote technical support is faster, easier and much less costly. With remote access to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more, support professionals can control user and customer devices to configure settings, diagnose issues, demonstrate features, transfer files and help in a variety of other ways. By resolving issues more quickly, you can easily improve satisfaction while also reducing your helpdesk costs and improving productivity of help desk agents.

Choosing the best remote assistance software is critical, as the right solution can impress both customers and your support technicians. When you want a premier solution for remote technical support, LogMeIn Rescue is #1.

Features for Remote Support Technicians

LogMeIn Rescue is the only remote technical support tool that’s built to serve the needs of both one-person IT shops and professional help desks with up to 25,000 licenses and more. LogMeIn help desk software is purposely built for technicians and offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to help coworkers and impress customers.

To help you deliver exceptional remote technical support, LogMeIn Rescue delivers:

  • Speed. A powerful infrastructure lets you quickly connect to any device, chat with customers and remotely control their devices for fast resolution.
  • Security. All sessions run over a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection, and end-users must give technicians permission to perform a remote login. When the remote technical support session is over, Rescue automatically uninstalls the file that enables each connection.
  • Reliability. Posted from multiple LogMeIn data centers, Rescue continuously delivers 99.99+ percent uptime.
  • Flexibility. Using a single tool, technicians can resolve simple and complex issues across multiple platforms. Rescue offers remote Mac and PC access as well as support for Android, iOS and other mobile devices.
  • Simplicity. As a SaaS-based solution. LogMeIn Rescue requires no hardware, infrastructure or software to maintain and is quick and easy to deploy. Rescue is easy to use as well, enabling technicians to perform diagnostics, transfer files or take control with a single click.

Benefits of Rescue’s Remote Desktop Tech Support

When you offer remote technical support with LogMeIn rescue, you can:

  • Save money on remote technical support costs by reducing the time it takes to resolve issues.
  • Improve productivity by resolving issues remotely rather than sending service teams into the field.
  • Impress customers by addressing their needs more quickly, communicating more easily and reducing the frustration and stress of support interactions.

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