Mobile App Support

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The consumer mobile device screen is fast becoming a battleground for brands competing for the attention of busy users. Mobile apps are a great way to communicate and interact with consumers, but keeping users engaged after that initial download and first opening is a challenge. Providing a solid mobile app support solution is one way of adding value to your mobile product and ensuring that users are left with positive, memorable experiences of your service and your brand.

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Provide a Higher Level of Customer Service with Mobile App Support

Following in the footsteps of giants like Amazon and Apple, more companies are discovering that better customer service may just be their most powerful retention tool. Offering your customers mobile app support helps you raise the level of service you provide to users, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

By incorporating device and/or application support services directly into your mobile app through an in app help feature, you can give users a simple, seamless way to access support whenever they have a problem using your product or service. Considering the fact that many smartphone users struggle with changing even the most basic device settings, many of your customers will appreciate being able to get assistance directly from within the app.

Enhancing Your In-App Support with Remote Support Capabilities

With LogMeIn Rescue, an easy-to-use yet powerful remote tech support platform, your company can take mobile app support even farther. Go beyond FAQs and support request forms. Integrate fast, secure remote support services into your mobile app support solution and offer your users a level of support and customer service other brands can’t.

Rescue’s technology lets your users connect directly to your remote support technician who can then remotely access the user’s device to fix the most common device and application issues.

Whether you choose to use our In-App Support Software Development Kit and embed Rescue’s remote support capabilities into your app or have your users download our remote access Android app or iOS app, you’ll find that Rescue is easy to deploy, a pleasure to use, and indispensable. Through our intuitive Technician Console, your mobile app support agents can chat with users to find out what’s wrong, connect directly to a user’s device in less than 20 seconds, and gather all the information they need to take action and resolve problems efficiently.

Here are just a few of the things your mobile app support helpdesk can do with LogMeIn Rescue:

  • View the user’s device screen remotely and, depending upon the device and configuration, receive a live video stream from the user’s camera
  • Co-browse and annotate screenshots, webpages, or real-time video using our whiteboard and laser pointer technology
  • Retrieve alerts for common app issues, see existing connections, and push profiles to change network, battery, and other device settings

Start a free 14 day trial of LogMeIn Rescue today