Desktop Sharing Software

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Delight customers with remote desktop sharing software.

When it comes to providing exceptional support to customers and end-users, desktop sharing technology is essential.

With desktop sharing software, your help desk employees can take control of a user’s device to provide remote support – running tests, checking settings, transferring files and trying to remedy issues – as if the device were sitting in front of them. Rather than describing tasks over the phone for customers to implement themselves, desktop sharing solutions let help desk personnel investigate issues at a faster pace and work with more reliable information. That lets things get fixed more quickly and, more often than not, on the first call.

For customers and end-users, desktop sharing means less frustration and confusion, as they let support agents do the work. For help desk employees and customer support staff, desktop sharing means greater productivity and better results.

LogMeIn Rescue offers a cloud-based desktop sharing solution.

LogMeIn Rescue is a SaaS-based desktop sharing solution that makes it easy for call centers, help desks and support organizations to provide remote technical support.

LogMeIn is simple to use, easy to customize and flexible enough to serve the needs of both one-person IT shops and enterprise call centers with tens of thousands of agents. Each remote desktop connection is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption with TLS 1.1 transport security, with access granted via a secure link or pin. Hosted in multiple LogMeIn data centers, Rescue delivers 99.99+% uptime, ensuring high availability and reliability. And Rescue is fast, too, enabling customer support agents to establish a remote share in as little as 20 seconds.

LogMeIn’s remote desktop application also provides:

  • Support for multiple platforms, providing PC and Mac remote desktop connections as well as connections to Android, iOS, Blackberry and other mobile devices.
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy to provide remote support through desktop sharing.
  • Unlimited scalability, allowing you to expand from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more.
  • In-app support, letting you assist customers directly within mobile applications.
  • Rescue Lens, an innovative tool that uses the camera on a mobile device to deliver real-time video to customer support agents so they can see exactly what the customer sees.

Reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction by sharing your desktop with Rescue.

With LogMeIn’s desktop sharing software, you can drive down the cost of providing support by reducing call handle times, resolving more issues on the first call and by handling issues remotely rather than sending service technicians into the field. And you can heighten customer satisfaction by improving response times and reducing frustration and confusion. Bottom line, LogMeIn Rescue makes it easy to provide better, more cost-efficient support.

Learn more about desktop sharing with LogMeIn Rescue's free trial.