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Providing mobile remote support for applications has traditionally been a challenge. When experiencing trouble with a mobile app, users have usually not been able to get help within the app. In most cases, they have to abandon the app to find support or even get answers to simple questions. And once that happens two or three times, they’re unlikely to continue using that particular app.

This challenge opens up a big opportunity for mobile application developers. With mobile apps growing at an exponential rate and more than half of all app users experiencing issues, providing quality mobile remote support can be a critical point of differentiation.

As an industry-leading provider of solutions that enable remote access for tech support, LogMeIn Rescue now provides tools to deliver exceptional mobile remote support for any app. Rescue’s In-App Support Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you easily embed Rescue Chat, Remote View, and other key Rescue tools directly into any iOS or Android remote app. By delivering superior in app help, you can resolve customer’s issues without making them abandon the app, improving usage of your applications as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

State-of-the-art tools for mobile remote support

As the industry’s premier solution for providing computer and mobile device remote support, LogMeIn Rescue delivers unsurpassed capabilities when it comes to mobile remote support. With Rescue’s mobile remote support platform, you can:

  • Co-browse with users using Rescue View to see problems in real time and communicate more clearly.
  • Chat with users using Rescue Chat to maintain conversation throughout the mobile remote support session.
  • Annotate directly on the screen with whiteboarding and laser pointer functionality that lets you guide users through an app with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Enable technicians to access diagnostics and mobile level system information to troubleshoot problems more quickly and effectively.
  • Allow users to start a help session directly in the app without needing to download another application.

While Rescue’s mobile remote support solution is designed for the full range of available apps, it is especially helpful in providing help with setup of accounts and user profiles, billing support, set up for Internet of Things devices, and training on the usage of a particular app.

Benefits of LogMeIn Rescue’s mobile remote support

Mobile application support services from LogMeIn Rescue enable you to:

  • Provide support where your customers are, enabling quicker diagnosis and problem resolution without users needing to leave the app.
  • Improve the customer experience with a seamless, intuitive support solution.
  • Reduce levels of app abandonment.
  • Maximize customer service and improve lifetime value of each customer.

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