TeamViewer vs. LogMeIn Rescue

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A head-to-head comparison of LogMeIn Rescue and TeamViewer remote support software found that Rescue is the superior choice, outperforming TeamViewer in technical capability, ease of use, reliability, security and reporting.

“TeamViewer is notorious for their downtime and reliability concerns.”

1. Rescue combines a broader feature set with ease of use.

If you need a support tool that’s loaded with features and easy to use, LogMeIn Rescue is for you. In the words of independent software testing company QualiTest, Rescue is the support tool for the “technician’s technician.”

“Compared to TeamViewer, Rescue offers more and better ways to connect, more efficient resource usage, easier-to-find data, better reporting and scripting. TeamViewer hides many tools and options behind tabs and lacks scripting capability.”

2. Rescue reduces customer effort.

Rescue takes just three steps to start a support session; TeamViewer requires six. Rescue avoids user confusion and human error that can increase session time and frustrate the customer – particularly important for less technology-savvy users.

3. Thanks to superior reliability, Rescue will be there when you need it.

What good is a support tool if you can’t use it? TeamViewer reported 28 incidents in 2017 – more than two a month – ranging from outages and latency problems to scheduled downtime.* Over the same period, LogMeIn Rescue consistently achieved better than 99.99% uptime. You don’t have to worry about losing access to Rescue during a support call – a confidence builder for your staff.

4. TeamViewer poses security risks not found in Rescue.

When a TeamViewer support session ends, both agent and customer are at heightened risk of unauthorized access to their intellectual property and customer information. Rescue does not have these vulnerabilities.

“Until the customer closes the background TeamViewer window…the technician [or someone pretending to be the technician] can reconnect…without any permission from the customer.” “At the end of a [TeamViewer] session…the customer [or someone pretending to be the customer] can attack the technician’s computer.”


5. Rescue’s lightweight applet doesn’t get in the way of successful support.

The Rescue customer applet consumes significantly fewer memory and CPU resources than TeamViewer, so you can support legacy computers with confidence, regardless of age and computing resources.

Support organizations are more satisfied with LogMeIn Rescue as the best TeamViewer alternative.

LogMeIn Rescue decisively beats TeamViewer over a broad range of tests. That’s why one-person shops, enterprise help desks and customer support teams turn to Rescue – the smart choice for people who are serious about support.

* TeamViewer uptime records, January 2017–December 2017, Unless otherwise noted, all quotations and data are from the QualiTest software testing report, “Rescue vs. TeamViewer, Bomgar, GoToAssist and ConnectWise,” Oct. 25, 2017