Rescue Lens is the fastest and most convenient tool for customer service agents to remotely support virtually any product.

Easy-to-use Interface

Our three main applications offer something for everyone. Agents will be more productive, customers feel engaged, and management can sit back and watch CSAT scores spike.

lens-howitworks-tech-icon-sm Technician Console

The Technician Console is our remote support agent’s online interface that allows the agent to get a clear view of a support situation. Support agents can initiate new sessions via SMS links, pin code, or email, and can even manage multiple simultaneous active sessions.

The Windows and Mac desktop apps enable support agents to access their console in one click, so they can provide support faster, without the hassle of a browser.

From the console sessions features available include:

  • Live streaming of the customer’s mobile camera with adaptive video and VoIP audio
  • Smart whiteboard technology
  • Stream freeze frame
  • Chat interface with predefined replies
  • Support session recording
  • Detailed session history & notes
  • Session transfer

lens-howitworks-applet-icon-sm Rescue Lens Mobile App

The Rescue Lens App allows support agents the ability to communicate through VoIP audio while accessing the camera on their customer’s device to see what is happening in real time. Customers are able to show support agents the problem in a live support session and receive guidance in order to quickly resolve issues.

Support agents have the ability to see what their customers choose to show them using the camera from a smartphone or tablet.

The Rescue Lens App provides remote customers with:

  • Interactive chat and detailed session history
  • Detailed guidance via Smart Whiteboarding
  • Prompts to permit or deny support agent access to the device camera
  • Customer is able to pause video streaming at their convenience
  • Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at anytime
  • Access to their phone’s flashlight
  • Streamlined communication through VoIP audio

lens-howitworks-admin-icon-sm Administration Center

The intuitive online RDP software is used by administrators to centrally manage their account and support team, such as to create and assign permissions for other administrators, technicians, and groups.

The Admin Center allows administrators to:

  • Manage technicians, groups and permissions at a granular level
  • Enable and view reports of technician performance
  • Enable and view reports of customer satisfaction levels