Engage Customers

Satisfied customers are 80% more likely to renew service contracts or purchase again. Involve your customers by using a hands-on approach to support and watch your NPS scores rise by increasing first call resolutions and significantly reducing wait times.


Chat functionality allows for streamlined customer engagement.

VoIP Audio

Built in audio makes communicating with customers easy, while keeping the process transparent.

Smart Whiteboarding

Ability to whiteboard in the console and appear on the end user’s device. The device can move around, but the annotation stays in place.

Customer Surveys

An easy way to get feedback from your customers by offering a customizable post-session satisfaction survey. Use a standard Rescue Lens survey interface or redirect to a self-hosted or third-party survey tool.


Ability to turn on the flashlight within the end user app allowing for a better visual if needed.

Reduce Cost

The ability to obtain a screen capture or use live video streaming for troubleshooting issues will generate immediate cost savings by reducing the need for 20% of on-site visits.

Screen capture

Take a screen grab of the current Lens images from the console.

Session and Queue Management

Support Agents are able to manage multiple sessions simultaneously.

Freeze Frame

Pause the stream from the console resulting in a freeze frame on the end user’s device with the ability to annotate.

Streamline Support

Support teams can become more efficient by having the ability to quickly diagnose and resolve multiple issues simultaneously while management can effortlessly monitor service levels.

Audio & Video recording

Enable recording of the live stream (audio and video) from the console.

Rescue desktop app Get direct access to the Technician Console in one click through the Windows and Mac desktop apps, no need to hassle with a browser
Session Reporting

Run custom reports for session information such as features used, length, etc.

Session Transfer

Fully manage support sessions, including the ability to start, end, hold and transfer sessions to specific technicians.


Allow for customers to pull session information into their own ticketing or reporting solutions.