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Forrester: The State Of Remote Work 2020, Flexible Work Is Now A Business Necessity

Remote working is now essential for business continuity and employee retention. Doing it well requires organizations to formalize a structure for remote working that mitigates its major challenges, such as outdated technology, lack of face-to-face interaction and employee trust issues.

This report outlines the key considerations to keep in mind when formulating a long-term strategy for flexible working. You’ll learn:

  • Three challenges that hinder remote work programs
  • Four areas to focus on when building your remote worker strategy
  • The benefits of remote work that make it worthwhile to put a plan in place

Specifically for IT support leaders, this report covers:

  • The flexible future of remote workers, including IT help desk teams, and how to support their success
  • The importance of adopting a remote-first approach to technology and the pitfalls of relying on legacy, on-premises apps
  • Considerations for the hardware, including peripheral technologies, that IT will need to support